[SOLD] Making Strides' November Sale - horses cheap!

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    Due to unforeseen issues, I am being made to sell most of Cloud 9 and Making Strides horses. We fell victim of a flood, that destroyed our facilities, and property. Luckily, we lost no one from our two-legged and four-legged family. We don’t have the proper ways of caring for our horses now, and they need your help.

    Out of role

    IRL - I lost motivation to play with so many horses since my last laptop corrupt all my sims files. Having to start over with 70+ horses, and rebuilding barns. This means I’m going to be starting over – selling most horses, and facility profiles.


    If you are a previous owner of these horses, you have first-come-first-serve basis. You get the main profile of the horse(s), and you receive the file (if I still have it). Horses with :jack_o_lantern: on their name, I have their file.

    • You must be registered on the official Equus site. (obviously)
    • Keep our prefix on the foal/horse. No other prefix should be added, either
    • Do not mass download our horses
    • You may not change the horse's show name. You may, however, change its barn name.
    • Payment must be received before the horse(s) are sent.
    • You may make small changes to the horse. Update coats, but keep it similar; ie star a star, chestnut a chestnut. You may change mane or tail style. But not color.
    • We reserve rights to reclaim horse(s) if our terms are broken, or if the owner becomes inactive.
    • We hope horses must be kept active in community. Unless otherwise discussed.
    • Please post one of your favorite pokemon with first bid please.
    • All starting bids are $300. Just trying to get them to new houses.
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    PCRA Mercedes
    alt text
    2015 Dutch Warmblood Stallion
    Eventing no points

    WM Lacan
    2015 Black Dutch Warmblood Stallion
    Show Jumping 22
    no picture

    DDEC Dakar
    2015 Dappled Gray Dutch Warmblood Gelding
    Show Jumping 12
    no picture

    GTH One Day I Will Remember
    2016 Black Danish Warmblood Stallion
    Eventing | Show Jumping 15
    no picture

    These following horses could be bought as Horse Credits, since they aren't registered

    • PSS SHAKESPEAR: 2013 Hanoverian Chestnut Stallion EC Profile
    • RBC Cyclon: 2016 Dutch Warmblood Bay Overo Stallion EC Profile
    • GTH Silver Snowflake: 2016 Danish Warmblood Grey Mare EC Profile

  • SB for:
    RBC Cyclon
    DDEC Dakar
    WM Lacan
    PCRA Mercedes

    Mew ^^

    EDIT: as we say in Spain, "from lost to the river ..." xD

  • GTH SIlver Snowflake and GTH One Day I Will Remember have been returned to previous owner :thumbsup_tone1:

  • @Irene-Duarte you keep winning all my horses πŸ˜‚

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