[ENDED] ~ Richards Stock Horse Auction

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    Nice to see you entering our sale horse barn!
    We are offering to you today five lovely stock horses, ready to start competing! You are free to choose their disciplines! You are allowed to show them in any western discipline or also english disciplines or something else! Feel free to give them parents if you want! Just keep their given names in this case and my prefix RVR. They will also come with main site profiles when this auction has ended.

    These five lovely mares come all with custom white makings (also the roan marking)! Don't miss this opportunity to grab one of these pretty girls!


    ~ Please keep their given show names and the prefix RVR, you may change their barn name
    ~ Genetics are not allowed to be changed
    ~ Please don't change their coat color, a black stays a black horse
    ~ Please don't use their custom markings on any other horses!
    ~ Do not put the horse or parts of it up for download (coat, markings, conformation, complete horse)
    ~ You are allowed to change shine/shade/detail markings
    ~ I don't have any strict activity rules, but I want to see them active in shows and/or on picture updates!
    ~ Please contact me if you want to resell the horse I want to have it back in this case
    ~ Please don't breed them too often and I have the right to ask for a free foal out of them
    ~ The minimal increase of a bid is 1000
    ~ Autobuy is not possible

    If you have any questions or want a main site profile for the horse after buying it contact me on Slack or here :heart:

    RVR Sunny Zip O'Lena

    4 y/o APH mare, Chestnut Roan Splash, ee Aa nSpl nRn

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    Sunny is a mare with lots of power and willingness. If you are an experienced rider you will have a lot of fun with her. She is like a little machine pleasing you is her aim. Not only ther intelligence but also her calm character makes her a perfect partner for sports and fun. She is a real head-turner when you show up with her on the field everyone is immediately impressed by this confident mare. But she gets bored easily she needs daily training with a big variety otherwise she will try to look for something else that attracts her and not even a fence can stand in her way. The best place for her to live in is an open stable with a big pasture and a small herd she isn't happy trapped in a stall, she will try to escape soon. You can only hold her inside when you give her a lot of attention and pasture time.

    Starting Bid: $ 10.000

    RVR Dun It Temptation

    4 y/o AQH mare, Silver Classic Cream Dun, EE aa nZ nCr nCh DD

    alt text

    alt text alt text

    Tally is a sweet girl that loves to snuggle with you. She is like a big dog that loves to be scrached. But beware if she showes you her real face! She has quick movements and loves to run. You can expect her bucking around when she is happy, so she needs an experienced rider that laughs with her. Tally loves all kind of people and animals, she is uncomplicated in every way. With further training she can be your dream horse! She is a little Diva when it comes to her hygiene you will never see her rolling in the biggest puddle. Give her a warm hug and and a kiss and she will love you forever!

    Starting Bid: $ 10.000

    RVR Smoked Sparks

    4 y/o APH mare, Sooty Palomino Tovero, ee AA nSty nCr ToTo nO

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    alt text alt text

    Sparky is a true angel. She wouldn't even hurt a fly. She is low in the herd, shy, but a sweet loveably soul. She is young but even the smallest children are able to sit on her. When she feels unsure she will slow down gently and stop. She never bolted or bucked around. She is yet not the most experienced horse but she is easy to train. She is afraid of nothing she just stops and looks at the scary things. She might not be the fastest horse around but she has the best mind. A true gem in your stable!

    Starting Bid: $ 10.000

    RVR Gunner's Outlaw Princess

    4 y/o APH mare, Dark Bay Overo-Splash, EE Aa nSpl nO

    alt text

    alt text alt text

    When you are looking for a high class mare, Nellie is your choice! She is not only an eyecatcher with her color also with her personality! She is a little dominant and sassy, loving to roll in the dirtiest puddle she can find. When you plan going on a show with her prepare for the thickest layer of dirt you can imagine. She is always active, curious and draggs you towards the things she wants to look at. She is not scared by anything she will just walk straight towards it give them a sniff and then it's fine for her. She is just a happy horse that finds every day something you can laugh about. She is a sweet soul needing a good trainer to show her the right way gentle.

    Starting Bid: $ 10.000

    RVR Starlights Dust Trophy

    4 y/o APH mare, Buckskin Overo, Ee AA nCr nO

    alt text

    alt text alt text

    Last but not least I want to tell you more about Lillie. This buckskin lady is a trustworthy young mare. She is ready to go on trail rides alone she doesn't need any other horses around. She is happy when she is alone out on the field. Lillie feels uncomfortable in big herds she decides to stand alone. You can make her happy when she has "her" human, she is a "one-man(or woman)" horse. She would give her life to the person she loves and is one of the steadiest horses I have seen. She seems afraid of dogs, so please pay attention when you have a dog at your stable with her she might run away thoughtless.

    Starting Bid: $ 10.000

    Horse Name Highest Bidder
    RVR Sunny Zip O'Lena 80k - @Freya-Valkyrie
    RVR Dun It Temptation 12k - @Heather-Tann
    RVR Smoked Sparks 18k - @Sorina-Collins
    RVR Gunner's Outlaw Princess 30k - @Freya-Valkyrie
    RVR Starlights Dust Trophy 30k - @Freya-Valkyrie

  • SB - RVR Smoked Sparks :fire:

  • RVR Gunner's Outlaw Princess - SB
    RVR Starlights Dust Trophy - SB

    I needed too... :heart_eyes:

  • RVR Gunner's Outlaw Princess 15k

  • RVR Gunner's Outlaw Princess - 16k

  • Administrators

    Reminder that encouraging another member to stop bidding is not permitted in any way. (And yes, this includes joking ;))

  • RVR Gunner's Outlaw Princess - 17k

  • RVR Gunner's Outlaw Princess - 18k!!!!

  • RVR Sunny Zip O'Lena - SB

  • Administrators

    RVR Gunner's Outlaw Princess - 20k

  • RVR Gunner's Outlaw Princess - 22K
    RVR Starlights Dust Trophy - 17K

  • RVR Dun It Temptation - SB

  • RVR Dun It Temptation - $12,000

  • RVR Smoked Sparks - $11,000

  • Administrators

    RVR Gunner's Outlaw Princess - 25k

  • RVR Gunner's Outlaw Princess - 27k

  • Top bids updated!

  • RVR Gunner's Outlaw Princess - 28k!!!

  • RVR Gunner's Outlaw Princess - 30K
    RVR Starlights Dust Trophy - 22K

  • RVR Starlights Dust Trophy - 27k

  • RVR Starlights Dust Trophy - 30k

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