November Breed Committee Announcements

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    Hello Equus!

    It’s been a while since there was a formal announcement from the Breed Committee, and there have been some exciting changes on Equus this year, especially in the BC! So, without further ado, here is a comprehensive list of what’s new and what you might have missed.

    Firstly, staff changes:

    I’m your new Breed Committee director (well, new as of this past summer) and the lovely and brilliant @Morgan-Cameron has changed positions to our in-house Genetics Expert and Breed Consultant. If you have questions about the way Equus breeds work, feel free to ask me about them- but if you have questions about real life breeds and genetics oddities, shoot her a message!
    Other staff changes include:
    @Fiora-Healy has joined as head of the Breed Committee Change Staff
    @Andrea-Burdine is our new Registration Authenticator

    Breed Name Changes:

    Nothing huge here- we have made a push to standardize breed names across the board, and there were a few remaining stranglers from 2.0 that didn’t quite match the standard. If you have a horse who was previously registered as the following breeds, here are their new registered breed names:
    North Swedish Draft (Trotter) -> North Swedish Draft
    Dole (Trotter) -> Dole
    Iran Turkomen -> Iranian Turkomen
    German Sporthorse -> German Sporthorse (DSP/RPSI)

    These name changes will not affect their competition or registration status in any way, and their breeds should now match the breed on their mainsite.

    Discipline Penalty Overhauls:

    You will probably notice that caps and penalties for quite a few breeds and disciplines are in the process of being lightened, some quite considerably. We have been pushing for more members to leave their comfort zones with breeds and disciplines, and hopefully lighter caps and options to show far more horses per discipline will make that easier and more attractive than ever before. Additionally, there are more disciplines than ever that pair together with no penalties.

    Flat Racing, Harness Racing and Steeplechasing
    Previously, if a horse was registered in Racing or Steeplechasing, it could not participate in any other disciplines. We have changed Racing and Steeplechasing penalties so that a horse may now have a secondary discipline if it is registered in either of these sports.

    Halter penalties have been overhauled dramatically so that a horse with Halter as a secondary now receives a much lighter cap penalty than it received before. (Most disciplines went from a -6 penalty to a -1 for Halter.)

    Discipline Name Changes:
    Like the breed name changes, these are leftover from 2.0 and won’t affect anything your horse is doing on a day-to-day basis- however you may notice a change in your horse’s caps if it was registered in one of these disciplines without your knowledge and has now been corrected to a proper discipline. Use the Horse Lookup to see a horse’s registered disciplines, and the Discipline Change Form if anything needs to be fixed or removed!
    The following 2.0 disciplines have been changed to the following disciplines in our system:

    Trick Riding > Gymkhana
    Tent Pegging > Gymkhana
    Team Roping > Roping
    Team Penning > Sorting & Penning
    Ranch Sorting > Sorting & Penning
    Calf Roping > Roping
    Fox Hunting > Field Hunter Trials
    Gæðingar > English Pleasure
    Jousting > Gymkhana
    Mounted Archery > Gymkhana
    Mounted Martial Arts > Gymkhana
    Mounted Games > Gymkhana
    Mounted Shooting > Gymkhana
    Polebending > Barrels & Poles
    Barrel Racing > Barrels & Poles
    Historical & Military Exhibition > Ridden Showing
    Plantation > Ranch Versatility
    Pony Western Trail > Western Trail
    Western Showmanship > Halter
    Pulling > Combined Driving
    Pleasure Driving > Combined Driving
    Driving > Combined Driving
    Breeding > None

    New Resources

    Genetics Lab
    You probably noticed that we re-opened the Breed Committee Genetics Lab last month. This is intended to be a resource for people who would like some feedback and assistance with coats, conformations, and genetics that they are unfamiliar with or unsure about.

    Master Breed List Filters
    An updated version of the filtered MBL for use with autoreg.
    To use:

    • Use the dropdowns to filter between color, marking and breed type criteria.
    • Type search words into the ‘Permitted Outcrosses’ box to search for breeds who have that word in their outcross rules.
    • A breed counter of all the breeds that are registered on Equus has been added to both versions of the MBL.

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    November 2018 Announcements Continued

    Changes to colors accepted in Cross-type breeds

    Until now, a color has to have been confirmed in member of a breed before we would accept it in realistic registration on Equus. Presently, that is being overhauled so that a breed that MUST be a cross between two other breeds will accept any color that those two breeds are accepted to come in. This change will not affect breeds that have established lines and studbooks (Irish Sport Horse, Hanoverian), "pure" breeds (Arabian, Thoroughbred), or grade-type breeds that can accept a medley of outcrosses but are themselves a distinct breed (Azteca, Friesian Sporthorse) , this is strictly limited to breeds that are by design a cross between two or more breeds.

    For example:
    A Georgian Grande must be at least 25% American Saddlebred, so it will now accept any color that is accepted in American Saddlebreds.
    An Araloosa must be a cross between an Arabian and an Appaloosa, so it will accept every color that Arabians and Appaloosas are accepted to come in.

    There will be some exceptions to this rule- for example, if a breed standard explicitly prohibits a color that could be passed on by a parent breed, that color will continue to be barred from realistic registration.

    Here is a list of all currently affected breeds (This list is not final.)
    -Georgian Grande (new colors accepted from American Saddlebred)
    -Araloosa (new colors accepted from Appaloosa, Arabian)
    -Barock Pinto (new colors accepted from KWPN)
    -Pintabian (new colors accepted from American Paint Horse, American Saddlebred)
    -Welara (new colors accepted from Welsh Pony (all sections)
    -Anglo-Arabian (AHA and CIAA) (new colors accepted from Thoroughbred, Arabian)
    -National Show Horse (new colors accepted from American Saddlebred)
    -Pintaloosa (new colors accepted from American Paint Horse, Appaloosa)
    -Quarab (new colors accepted from American Paint Horse, American Quarter Horse, Arabian)

    Changes to registration types

    It has been pointed out to me that the names of our registration types don't truly convey what their intentions are. Presently, Realistic registration is for horses with confirmed color counterparts in real life, and Unrealistic is to register breeds under colors that they haven't been discovered to carry in real life. However, the word Unrealistic is a bit misleading, as it is entirely possible to breed two realistically-colored horses and produce a horse that can't be realistically registered outside of a grade breed due to color it inherited. Therefore, we are re-naming registration types to better convey their use.

    Verified Color Registration is the new name of what was Realistic Registration. These are colors that breeds are accepted to carry on the Master Breed List, and when new color evidence is supplied for breeds, those colors will become 'verified' and added to the MBL.
    Open Color Registration is for registering horses under colors that are not accepted by the MBL, and will work the same way that Unrealistic Registration currently does. You do not need to provide evidence before registering a horse of any color under Open Color Registration.

    These changes will take place over the next few weeks and into December. All previously registered horses will have their registration types edited to match the new system.

    Thank you all, and Happy Holidays! :snowman:

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