Hello Equus!

  • Hello everyone!
    Some of you might know me from ES. I have one stable, Aon-Adharcach, which I'm bringing over here as well. I'm in the middle of reorganising and "rebooting" it (some horses and riders might not be back after I finish), so it might be a while before I'll be fully active. I focus on less popular breeds, including crosses (basically, no Warmbloods policy :P) and disciplines.

    I also make some CC content, mainly templates, coats and markings.

    A few questions before I start anything:
    Is it ok to start my album before my account on main site is accepted, or should I wait until then?
    How do I register my prefix?
    (There will be probably more questions futher on XD )

  • Oh I remember you! :grin:

    Yes, it's okay if you start your album before, and you'll be asked to give a prefix with the creation of your first stable on the main site when you get started there and make your stable :)

  • Development Committee

    YOU'RE FINALLY HERE! :heart:

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