Silver Monoceros Creations - [19th Jan] 4 fullbody markings

  • Oh wow thank you so much for sharing all this :heart:

  • Trakehner brand added :)

  • Thank you

  • Kladruber template added.

  • Lovely template! What is even more amazing are these dapples and this perfect grey coat!

  • After moving to new laptop I can see how horribly oversaturated some of my coats are... They're going to get an update soon. New coats will be added as well.

  • PR Committee

    Just wanted to leave a quick comment and say I love your templates and coats! They look so realistic without being over exaggerated and your coats always look so vibrant and in depth. Thanks for your content!

  • Murgese brand added.
    Also added link to Trakehner brand, because I'm an idiot and didn't include it when I added it to the list...

    Yes, you can expect a Murgese template sooner than later.

  • I've been completely inactive for months now. I've decided to leave community and make my private fullbody markings public - links at the top of markings post. :arrow_double_up:
    I might publish more markings from time to time, because I really enjoy making them.
    All my coats have been removed, since I wasn't happy with their quality. I might redo them at some point, no promises though.
    Also, I don't plan to make more templates.

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