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    Best Laid Plans Saturday 17th June, 2017
    Snow Day Friday 1st December, 2017

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    Name Breed Gender Colour Sire Dam
    Blackmores Trakehner Stallion Flaxen Nautillus Brigantina
    AmB Mozartkugel Westphalian Stallion Bay AmB Black Cadillac AmB Requiem
    SG I'm Your Sugar Hun' Dutch Warmblood Mare Grey Silver's Pegasus Silver's High Note
    Obsidian S Hanoverian Stallion Chestnut Furst Frost FR Reata of Rosenthal Stud
    Nemesis KN British Warmblood Stallion Bay Condor II Miss Juliét
    Silk Spectre KN British Warmblood Mare Bay SVS Sovereign WD Remember Me

    Name Breed Gender Colour Sire Dam
    IPS Salinero Hanoverian Stallion Sooty Bay Salieri 6 Luna
    Duval's All Dressed Up Dutch Warmblood Mare Black Duval's Sandro Hitt Duval's Edinburgh
    Greyfell KN Hanoverian Stallion Grey SVS Grey Warden Babette
    HRSA Renata Hanoverian Mare Chestnut HRSA Raymond Reddington SVS Starcrossed Lover
    Riverdance HA Dutch Warmblood Mare Black Valegro HA RDEC Roseville
    Kansas AT Dutch Warmblood Mare Black Abderian RDEC Kenya
    DPS Krandessa Dutch Warmblood Mare Grey DPS I'm A Sailor Man Duval's Valonia
    Duval's Estirosa Swedish Warmblood Mare Seal Bay Lyon HF Pixel HF
    York's Totem Dutch Warmblood Stallion Dark Bay York's Tonik Duval's Odessa
    Greysea KN Hanoverian Mare Grey Greyfell KN MSE Under the Influence
    CL Traviata Swedish Warmblood Mare Bay CL Sirocco Riverdance HA
    Vitalis HA Dutch Warmblood Stallion Chestnut Valegro HA ILA Corinne
    RFE Irimë Swedish Warmblood Mare Chestnut RFE Incendio Duval's Estirosa
    Talisman KN Swedish Warmblood Mare Seal Bay York's Totem Duval's Estirosa

    Name Breed Gender Colour Sire Dam
    Eretria's Virgilio Dutch Warmblood Stallion Grey Eretria's Just So Rich Winter's Skylark ZA
    Jealous Lover KN Swedish Warmblood Mare Bay DMS Cointreau Daytona L
    Broudein's Landorus Belgian Warmblood Stallion Bay Broudein's Lanthrir Valaquenta
    Hyperion R Dutch Warmblood Stallion Chestnut Democraat R RDEC Helladora
    Heartfilia KN Swedish Warmblood Mare Bay WD Barolo Daytona L
    Eretria's Watercolour Dutch Warmblood Stallion Grey AH Windsor Lagune d'Auroy
    Khalia W Hanoverian Mare Bay Killian W RDEC Lynnvile
    LMEC Rejsa Swedish Warmblood Mare Bay LMEC Remington Jealous Lover KN
    Jolie Sirène HA Swedish Warmblood Mare Bay Replay d'Auroy Jealous Lover KN
    Bedlam KN Belgian Warmblood Stallion Bay MSE Project Mayhem (T) Minerva HF
    West Eighty Second LX Hanoverian Stallion Bay Eretria's Watercolour WRNGS Lucianna

    Name Breed Gender Colour Sire Dam
    Eretria's Jodamira Dutch Warmblood Mare Palomino Eretria's Avalon Halla
    RDEC Zambra Dutch Warmblood Mare Grey RDEC Trinidad RDEC Zambra
    LGS Carcajou Dutch Warmblood Stalllion Black GWDS Castleton MECS Leonessa
    Happenstance HA Dutch Warmblood Stallion Bay Rokeby HA RDEC Helladora
    Damaskus ET Swedish Warmblood Stallion Black Danzig ET RDEC Herbena
    LMEC Philomena Danish Warmblood Mare Chestnut LMEC Poetry of Magic LMEC Tequila Sunrise
    SBS Sweet Lullaby British Warmblood Mare Seal Bay Nemesis KN Santana KN

    Name Breed Gender Colour Sire Dam
    Daytona L Swedish Warmblood Mare Bay Carson Ask Dainty
    RDEC Sevilla Dutch Warmblood Mare Bay RDEC Cavaillard Silk Spectre KN
    Jesaphrae KN Dutch Warmblood Mare Flaxen Blackmores Eretria's Jodamira
    Impératrice KN Hanoverian Mare Bay IPS Salinero GW Feuille Dorée
    Santana KN Dutch Warmblood Mare Bay Blackmores RDEC Sevilla

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    I'm ashamed to say this album has been collecting dust for quite some time now. I remember setting it up with all the best intentions, I even ploughed through those fussy tables, but unfortunately a combination of busy schedule and irrational perfectionism have left this album very… empty.

    Well that’s all about to change. After a bit of a pep talk from a good friend :heart: and seeing all the stunning updates cropping up recently, I’m going to jump right in and scrap the “plan”.

    To kick things off I’m going to cheat. Well only a little bit. These shots have already debuted over on our sister site for the breeders showcase in February… February! Apologies if you’ve already seen these, but they give me the chance to showcase a couple of my “newish” horses, and get something in this thing.

    If you’ve stuck with me this far, here are my entries for the Ariès Annual Breeders Showcase.




    Phew! Well that was hard work, must get used to this new format. I have other things knocking about and I will try to get to them asap, but I've found setting deadlines takes all the fun out of updating, so I'm shooting for casual for the time being. Thanks for stopping by! :kissing_heart:

  • YES! Finallly! :heart_eyes_cat: I love your layout, btw and font you're using for your topic header :>
    And even though I have seen these pictures already back in february, I still love them. Especially Vitalis' one :) It was one of my favorites of the breeder show (and yes, you guess it, I voted for it!). I hope you spoil us with more pretty pictures (I love the softness of the colors and your horses are phenomenal) but take your time. No need to rush (just don't take too long, m'kay?) but please don't leave us hanging <3

  • I have to be somewhere very soon but I can't see this and not say something so:

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    Congratulations on kicking irrational perfectionism (which is actually just normal perfectionism) to the curb long enough to post!! To scrap with the plans!! (It's better without them anyway, right? ) And it's not cheating if you're already done the work! Hooray for progress!!
    Seriously, now: I did see these during the Aries show but it's a pleasure to see them again, each of the photographs are flawless. I was really impressed by the outdoor set you built when I first saw them and I still am; I love the palpable liveliness and energy in the picture of Vitalis, and Bedlams's entry makes me smile- his tail on the ground, the dust in the air, and the priceless expressions on Rory & Delphi's faces. :laughing:

    Must dash, but here's to hopefully-less-busy summer schedules, future updates, casual deadlines, and to you. :champagne_glass: I'm bursting with excitement at the prospect of a deeper look into Kinnvara. C:

    Edit: I was looking and looking and couldn't put my finger on it but now I JUST WORKED OUT WHY THE HEADER FONT LOOKS FAMILIAR good job Ariadne, you bright spark :joy:

    pps. :heart:

  • Competition Committee

    Yay, yay, yay, YAY!

    So happy to see your beautiful pics here at last :) and just as perfect as always. Your pics always leave me open-mouthed with awe - they're so beautiful and crisp, yet so simple, which makes them stunning.

    Nice job, girlie! And can't wait to see more pics <3

  • Bedlam is my fave here so far.. but I may be a bit biased :wink:
    Loved your entries for the Aries show, Vitalis' tail is sublime <3

    Also that bottom table better not be a 'sales list' I see :laughing: Loomy already has enough friends but I can never resist

  • Ah so glad this was was finally posted!! Your editing style is seriously just amazing! Its got a lovely soft quality about it! Love love love!! Cant wait for more! Also, the 'sales list' are we able to message you about applying?

  • Thank you so much for the encouragement guys, sorry I don't have time to do individual replies, but your words mean so much to me so sending massive hugs and kisses. :kissing_smiling_eyes: :heart_eyes:

    I pushed through and managed to edit a couple more entries for another show. This time the Kinnvara team packed up and flew across the pond to compete in New Jersey. Updates may be a little slow from me for a while as RL is proving surprisingly demanding, but I still have some things in store it's just finding the time to post them. So, without further ado, here's Rose and Zoe competing.

    Zoe and Siren
    Rose and Greysea

    Sorry this was brief and I don't have more for you, but I really am struggling for time. Thanks for stopping in! :heart:

  • No words ... just beautiful :o

  • Both these entries are amazing! the second is my favourite of the two because I love the colours, angle and pose you've used, it just looks so dynamic (also, hello little nessie!). I love Sirens face in the first picture, but I'm totally in love with Greysea, she's that stormy shade of grey that I just love.

  • Absolutely love the colors and scenery in your entries! There's just something about bays in hunter green that looks so classy. The little details in your cross country entry are perfect. I love the sea monster figure in the corner. :heart:

  • @Marina-Davia thank you I'm glad you like them.
    @Eowyn-Vance you're so sweet and always a voice of encouragment, really feels like high-praise coming from you. :blush:
    @Johanna-Masters thanks Siren suits green but I think I went a little overboard with that one. but I'm overall happy with how it turned out. I had fun with the seamonster toy, shame the entries never made it to the competition :face_palm_tone3: :sweat_smile:

    Sorry I've been gone so long, I'm getting tired of writing that so I suppose I need to start chasing myself more. After a long break, I’m looking to get back into this so bear with me. This is an edit I put together last year that never made it to my scrapbooks. I’d drafted a couple of pieces to go with it but finally finished last night.

    This story features what were newcomers to my stable, but have since settled in. From left to right we have: Christa Marks and her GP mare Silk Spectre, Rory Merchant and Bedlam, Zach Anstead and Damaskus, then finally Delphi Kavanagh and Hyperion. It's set a couple weeks after an incident I haven't finished editing yet, but I'll get to it, and hopefully they should fit together. Phew so now I've cheated and introduced everyone in a list rather than in the story let’s see what we've got...

    alt text

    Wednesday 30th November 2016

    7:15 am

    “Jesus it's cold!” Zachary protested grimly, rubbing his gloved hands together. "What was wrong with the indoor again?"

    “Yeah,” Christa said glumly. “I'm afraid Rob's in there this morning, he's showing some clients one of the dressage mares.” she explained. True enough, the day was bitterly cold, and heavy dark clouds threatened rainfall if not a full-scale blizzard.

    "This early!" Zach said incredulously, "no chance, no buyer's awake now, don't they need to have luncheon and a pissing contest first?"

    "Hey, he signs the cheques Zee, so if he wants the school, he gets it."

    Despite this, Christa couldn't help but wonder if Zach might have a point, especially since she knew Rob's clients wouldn't arrive for at least another hour and a half. Deciding she'd rather catch frostbite than disturb his royal highness, Christa nodded, and called back to the group.

    “Alright we'll head up towards the heath and the gallops, but don't get too excited," she warned. "I'd rather not burn out Mumble, he'll be fresh once we get going, so best behaviour please.” She said pointedly, eyes fixed on Zach.

    “Quit throwing shade, Chris, Dimi and I can behave, after all there's ladies present.” Zach crowed, throwing the blonde at his side a flirtatious wink. "How're you feeling by the way?"

    Delphi started, having been so absorbed in the fraying edge of her glove she hadn't realised he was talking to her. Feeling her already rosy cheeks warm, she fumbled out a response.

    "I'm fine now really, it’s nothing I'm not used to."

    "Really, they said you looked pretty beat up." Zach said glancing over to Christa's concerned face.

    "Tiger's always been a terror." Delphi replied waving him off. "I'm just so pleased you asked me to come out with you guys." She added lamely, "I mean dressage is great, but I know eventers have all the fun." Delphi grinned hoping her attempt at humour would steer the topic from last week's clinic disaster. Her companions didn't look convinced, mercifully Christa chimed in.

    "Well don't fret honey, Henry will look after you. He's pulled me out of some dodgy take-offs more times than I can count.” She chuckled, smiling warmly.

    “I’m getting no bad vibes from him, so that’s a welcome change.” Delphi replied, feeling a little traitorous for appreciating Henry so much. The trio all turned then to the sound of soft footfalls in the shallow snow.

    "Merchant! What took you so long, boots on the wrong feet again mate?” Zach called out.

    “Yeah right! You have no tact; don’t you know you can’t rush babies.” The newcomer replied casually. “It’s not all about finishing first Zachary.” His lewd tone was less than subtle, and Delphi smiled as the two men bickered amongst themselves. She reached down and ran a hand across Henry’s neck fondly. The stallion stood quietly, almost dozing and puffed contentedly as she scratched his withers. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d felt Tiger like this. There was no doubt he was a gifted stallion, and when she could coax him into working he moved and behaved like a dream. Yet these times were few a far between, and after the accident in their last clinic, she was beginning to lose her nerve. A voice pulled her out of reverie.

    “Hey Delphi is it?” Scolding herself, she looked over to see the other lad and his bay. If she didn’t stop glazing over, her teammates would start thinking she was daffy. He looked spare atop the young stallions back, with wispy blonde hair and a lopsided grin. Eventually she stumbled out with.

    “Yes, that’s me, guess we haven’t met yet?” She replied.

    The young man seemed unconcerned by her nerves. “Christa insisted Zach and I be separated.” He grinned sheepishly. “So, it looks like you’re our chaperone.”

    “Our?” She repeated, unsure.

    “Well this is Bedlam’s first trip out, obviously he’s done a bit of road work in-hand, but this’ll be his first in a group. And then there’s me.” He added, that disarming smile creeping across his face again.

    Feeling braver Delphi was quick to retort. “Well I can’t imagine you’re any more trouble than my dressage prospect. So, don’t worry Henry and I will keep a close eye on both of you.”

  • Your horses are so gorgeous, Silk Spectre and Hyperion are probably my favorites, I love both of their coats. :heart:


    alt text

    Damn, the forum doesn't let me like it twice. Eeep! I'm so so so excited to get a glimpse into the life and personalities of your pawns. Delphi seems so sweet; I already hurt a bit for the poor little thing concerning 'Tiger the terror.' I also am worried for her with those young men around, I can almost hear the Jaws theme reading their interaction. :joy: :shark: And of course I am delighted to learn more about Christa, because I somehow already like her for completely unbiased reasons. :neutral_face: And what is this mystery going on in the indoor school?!? Hmm. I'm onto you, Ms. Clarke. :spy_tone1:

    Can't wait to read future installments and ogle future pictures. Again, so happy to see you back. :heart: :heart:

  • The sceneries and perspectives in your pictures are great! I really enjoy them :heart_eyes_cat:

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