Weird Fur?

  • I just got a new laptop and after going through the process to get sims to recognize my graphics card, my pets have fur!!! :astonished:

    There is this weird white line around them, though. What causes this and can it be fixed?
    If not, it isn't a huge bother (and definitely worth it for the fur) but I thought its worth a try to ask.

    Heres a picture, I can't figure out how to get it to show

  • Does it show up only in Create-A-Sim or when you play as well?

    Sometimes some textures can be a bit wonky in CAS :)

  • PR Committee

    That is related to a slider in-game. I think it's called fur density? Or fur length? One of those creates that weird line when set on max. It also could be related to graphics, If you have your graphics on a lower setting this could also cause this

  • I hadn't looked in game, just in CAS. Ill check what it looks like!

    Thanks Danielle, I will try to play with the sliders.

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