[Both Sold Via Autobuy] Pintabian's with Custom Markings

  • The horse has to keep the prefix.
    You may NOT change the horses show name. (You may change its barn name).
    You may NOT change the horses conformation, color or gender.
    (Stallions can be gelded, shine and shade markings can be adjusted)
    I have the right to cancel the auction at anytime.
    You may NOT change the mane/tail color. (You may change the style of it.)
    You may NOT offer the horse(s), their coat or markings for public download.
    If the photoreport is not available for a long time (four months) or the horse owner ignores my messages, I
    undertake to pick up the horse.

    If you are gonna sell the horse, contact me first maybe I want to buy her back.
    Put an emoji if you have read the rules.

    All Horses are registered

    Both are foundation

    OBEC Sunlight

    Breed Pintabian
    Gender Mare
    DOB 05/16
    Color Chestnut Tobiano
    Genotype ee/Aa/TT
    Height 14 hh
    Discipline Endurance: 0pts
    Secondary Discipline Dressage: 12pts

    OBEC Paintbox

    Breed Pintabian
    Gender Stallion
    DOB 01/17
    Color Dark Bay Tobiano
    Genotype Ee/Aa/TT
    Height 14,5 hh
    Discipline Show Jumping: 8pts
    Secondary Discipline Endurance: 6pts

    Starting Bid: $5,000
    Min.Bid: $1,000
    Autobuy If there aren't any bids

  • SB: :heart_eyes:
    OBEC Sunlight
    OBEC Paintbox

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