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    Since my last Download Thread was a mess and pretty unorganized and some of my DL's are in desperate need of updating :tired_face: I'm trying it with a new
    one in the hope that this will finally last a little bit longer :cat: I'm adding updated links as soon as i get them done so pls bear with me a while longer :heart_decoration:

    ◘ Do not reupload my Creations as your own or on any paysite ◘
    ◘ Please ask for permission before using my mesh or making recolors ◘
    ◘ You are free to use the Templates for your own use however you see fit ◘
    ◘ please no mass-downloads. ◘

    Cozy little Farm Barn
    • CC included
      *small lot size
    • 8 pre-made boxes
      *Attention! Plants and pattern might be missing

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    This is a Set of different Realistic Horse Hair colors and can be used for Mane and Tails it includes 10 different Colors and can be used for Creams, Blacks, Greys, Chestnuts, Bays and many more...
    If desired I might make the second part of this.

    The Tail is not included! (Made by Luke Teth) Only the colors ! You install them via Sims 3 Launcher

    Colors included :

    True Black
    Dark Grey
    White Cream Ombre
    White Grey Ombre
    Palomino Basic
    Chestnut Light
    Chestnut Basic
    Chestnut Dark
    Black Ombre
    Tobiano Basic

    :warning: Rules as always don't be a dick and upload as your own or to any paysites

  • Competition Committee

    This is gorgeous! <3

  • Wow, thank you for sharing. This stable looks great 😍

  • I know I'm reviving this topic but I just wanted to say the few things you do have here, especially that barn, are simply stunning!

  • Thank you all for your kind feedback and I'm glad you like it <3

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    Male Riding Helmet Accesory ; 2-Channel ; 2K ; found under Glasses

    for whatever weird reason is the clasp still broken going to fix this with the next update

  • Wow! Thank you!

  • OMFG
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  • Thank yoouuuu!

  • This new helmet is awesome, I am looking forward to setting it up in my game! Thank you so much :sparkles:

  • aaaaaah amazing! thank you so much for sharing <3

  • thank you nikki, your work is amazing! a huge :pray: :pray: :pray: for including an in-game thumbnail as well :sparkles: :pray: :dizzy:

  • gonna make male sims just so i can use this hat

  • The Second Part of the Arabian Poseset :horse: Poses are non-poselisted and codes are ah_HIRTH_arabian11 -20

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  • Administrators

    Just stunning, as always. Your poses are a must-have for any game :heart_decoration:

  • Thank you for the Arabian love it is always appreciated <3

  • I keep forgetting to come and tell you how much I :heart: your poses, thank you so SO much they are all so beautiful and really appreciated by my horses! :kissing_cat: :sparkling_heart:

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