(solved)DDS files

  • I want to make some privet markings for myself to test out if i like making them. i have found some tutorials and stuff and they are all telling me to save in a DDS file and to do that you have to download another program.
    I use photoshop 5 for this (Like the person from this video)
    And they give a link to a site to download the DDS plugin stuff. But i can not figure out what i have to download and where to place it!!
    --This is the site to download--

  • I used this one: http://www.mwgfx.co.uk/programs/dxtbmp.htm :)

    It's not a photoshop add-on, plugin, but a separate program and it worked like a charm.

  • This page is where you can get the installer at. There's two download links, one for 64-bit systems and the other for 32-bit systems. Download the 32, and then you should get an .exe installer file downloading. The installer should pretty much do all the work.

  • @Kayla-Greyson i have tried that one already and both gave me this and wont download further if i dont fill it in.
    it also does that with the 64-bitso yeah that is what confuses me :sweat:


  • The registering could possibly be so NVIDIA knows a count of how many people downloaded it for personal use and to get an idea of what companies use it. If you haven't filled it in, then try doing it. For organization you could just put "home" or "personal"

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