[Solved] Old poses

  • I know I have not been very expressive in the title but I do not know what else to say. Someone in the old forum shared a large number of horse poses, without pose-list. That person also did not upload reference images, but another member did it for him.

    When I re-installed my operating system, I lost the folder where I stored the codes of those poses (among other codes).

    I think some of those poses could be these.

    alt text alt text
    alt text alt text

  • The Offaly poses maybe?

  • @Lidija-Rotherford the second and third images do seem to correspond to Offaly's poses. But, the first and the last don't. Maybe it's her too, but from another pack.

    I remember it was Nea who uploaded the preview of the poses.

    I took my own screenshots (I think they were more than 40 poses) with the mare of the first three images. There were some walking, others at trot and gallop, grazing (the last image) and I think that the last two were for a pony.

  • Solved ^^

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