WCIF World

  • I'm looking for a world that has a town with all of the regular buildings, that has residential houses, parks, beaches, ect. something that you can play on like you would in a non-equus-only game. For example, worlds that can be played like the ones the game comes with.

    But it isn't that simple, there are a few other things I am interested in!

    • Dirt roads
    • 1 64 x 64 lot, and 1 lot around 40 x 34 (or possibly 40 x 32??? I have to check the exact dimensions), and I would like them to be next to eachother (as close as possible) THOUGH I know this is unlikely so I'm not super set on it
    • Generally "bright" or sunny atmosphere
    • Forests and nice beaches, nice scenery in general

    I'm not looking for someone to make me one, I am just looking for recommendations for worlds that are already created!

  • Take a look here. Today I was looking for a world for a project that I have in mind and it is possible that the worlds of Visculenhof conform to what you are looking for.


  • Also take a look Here :)

  • I couldn't find anything in either of those places, and I also looked through tsr and mod the sims and they didn't have anything either.

    There's gotta be something out there!

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