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    Breeding Offer

    Are you looking for new blood? This is your place! In this new stud's offer of Yeguada de Duarte you can find a large number of stallions anda mares. and a great variety of breeds and disciplines. Take a look at our available horses!

    Stallions available

    • List of available stallions added.
    • It's possible that the variety of stallions / mares increases over time.
    • It's possible that some stallions / mares expand their slots (if there is sufficient demand).

    The rules are found in the document.

  • Open, again <3

  • With a new goal in mind, our public breeding program will close soon. The stallions and broodmares offered in this service will not be offered again in the future, not almost all.

    The offer will end between Saturday (July 6) at night and Sunday (July 7) in the afternoon.

    Take a look at what we offer. Many of them have more than 2 bonuses in their disciplines and it is very possible that they reach +5. In addition, our prices are for all budgets. ;)

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