Autononmous Glitch

  • Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and the sims 3 mods, especially for equine (new as in the last year). I have come across a problem that is a bit annoying. I must have downloaded something that conflicts with my horses "autonomous choices" They seem to spazz out, when trying to decide what to do, but they go fast. Usually switching between digging, grazing, the salt lick. They will gallop for a bit then stop and cancel themselves out. I have removed all the autonomous mods, the extra story progressions. I had NRAS mods before I started the mass haul of equus mod downloads and had my autonomous work. I had a couple other equine mods before this as well. I was just wondering if anyone else had this problem? I would love to play without resetting my horses every time. They refuse to eat, nap, drink etc without my help. It works fine when I click the box, but I would love to play without having to super multitask. I have read a bit online and it says it might be an actual glitch with the pet/lot. I loaded up a save that had my autonomous work before I started a new game, It does it there as well, but not as often, its a bit slower.

  • Did you try playing in a new world?

    Do you have a mod that stops autonomous behavior like digging, it could be making problems if it got corrupted somehow?

  • Yes I loaded up a previous save in another world and it does the same thing. I will test a whole new world and drop one of my horses and test it just to make sure. I didn't have any digging or salt lick mods either, but I went ahead and downloaded and put them on just to test. The horse still stops what its doing and cancels out or spazzes, but not AS often. Are we able to post videos or just pictures?

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