Horse height

  • Hello! How do you figure out the horses height in game? I would love to make them a little more realistic in size. And it doesn't look so good when you have 20 horses at the exact same size :laughing:

  • you can use the OMSP tool.
    Move it up to your desired height and then you know how big the horse has to be and you can make it bigger or smaller in CAS to match the height you chose with the OMSP. :)

  • Personally, I like to make them a bit bigger than OMSP suggests - someone pointed out on another forum that "sims" cm is bigger than OMSP cm, and that makes sims seem to be really tall.

    I made a conversion table I use to size my sims and horses - details how I've done it are also in the link :)

  • I thought there was a wallpaper that was graduated with weights. I'm not sure where I got it from though.

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