[CLOSED] Marking and Creator Service


    You can now look at the details my markings have! Enjoy!
    I am waiting for your orders! :two_hearts:

  • NEW!

    I am now offering a horse creation service too! You can choose between import or offspring ! Just check out the new Request Form! :two_hearts:

  • Ugh, your markings are to die for! <3 I couldn't keep myself from requesting something :smile: I'm excited to see what you come up with.

  • Since it's been a while after I made the last markings, I want to ask everybody who applied to my marking service to tell me if you still want the marking you applied for! Simply DM me or write it here!

    You can also resend your order or if you changed your mind and still want something! :two_hearts:

    I'll update the waiting list after the first answers!

  • i forgot what i ordered....!

  • I do still want mine :3

  • I ordered an offspring import, and if you had the time, I'd be happy to pay you for it and welcome the new dude into my stable :smile: would it be ok if I resent a new application with a different horse instead?

  • @Catriona-O'connolly
    Yes of course! Just resend your order!

    I will reopen this service in a few months!

    If you ordered something and you really want it done asap, please write a private message here or on slack to me!
    If I don't hear back from you within a week, your request will be cancelled. Thank you! ❤

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