[OPEN] HQ Marking Service

  • Very beautiful :D

  • My Service will close on the 1st December for a while but will be reopened!

    If you want one or more markings please apply fast! Your request will be finished in time! :heartpulse:

  • My Service will reopen on the 1st January 2019!

    You can now send in your marking request(s)!I'll start working on them after the 1st January :heartpulse:

    All other markings are finished, I only have to take some preview pictures and send them out!

  • Is is possible to request a marking without a reference?
    Id like to get surprised if possible because I currently do not really know which marking I wanna choose....

  • @Hediwg-Johnson

    well read it.. woops sorry stupid me

  • Not sure if we are allowed but i just applied for 2 ^^ if 2 is not available just get rid of the 2nd one. Or shoot it down the waiting list so people who haven't gotten one yet can get in :)

  • @Piper-Chance You are always allowed to apply for more than one! I'll work on them when I have time, not always in the correct order. Feel free to spam me with markings you want to have! :blush:

  • wow awesome! I will xD ahahah, your markings are to die for!

  • The last markings for this year! :tada:
    Like always I show you the markigs on a black based coat to express their details best! Simply send the money if you haven't done it and I'll send you the markings! :blush:

    Medium White Spotted Marking
    alt text

    Tobiano-White Spotted Combination Marking
    alt text

    Small White Spotted Marking
    alt text

    Medium Tobiano Marking
    alt text

  • Hey! No, I haven't forgot to make your markings! Most of them are already done, but I am very busy with RL right now and I want to post all in one post :see_no_evil: Please be patient I will finish and post them as soon as possible! :heart: Thank you!

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