[OPEN] Marking and Creator Service

  • Very beautiful :D

  • My Service will close on the 1st December for a while but will be reopened!

    If you want one or more markings please apply fast! Your request will be finished in time! :heartpulse:

  • My Service will reopen on the 1st January 2019!

    You can now send in your marking request(s)!I'll start working on them after the 1st January :heartpulse:

    All other markings are finished, I only have to take some preview pictures and send them out!

  • Is is possible to request a marking without a reference?
    Id like to get surprised if possible because I currently do not really know which marking I wanna choose....

  • @Hediwg-Johnson

    well read it.. woops sorry stupid me

  • Not sure if we are allowed but i just applied for 2 ^^ if 2 is not available just get rid of the 2nd one. Or shoot it down the waiting list so people who haven't gotten one yet can get in :)

  • @Piper-Chance You are always allowed to apply for more than one! I'll work on them when I have time, not always in the correct order. Feel free to spam me with markings you want to have! :blush:

  • wow awesome! I will xD ahahah, your markings are to die for!

  • The last markings for this year! :tada:
    Like always I show you the markigs on a black based coat to express their details best! Simply send the money if you haven't done it and I'll send you the markings! :blush:

    Medium White Spotted Marking
    alt text

    Tobiano-White Spotted Combination Marking
    alt text

    Small White Spotted Marking
    alt text

    Medium Tobiano Marking
    alt text

  • Hey! No, I haven't forgot to make your markings! Most of them are already done, but I am very busy with RL right now and I want to post all in one post :see_no_evil: Please be patient I will finish and post them as soon as possible! :heart: Thank you!


    I made almost all requests, they will be posted soon! :two_hearts: Thank you all for your patience!

  • The first markings in 2019! :tada:
    I used a different horse this time, but you can also see the details of the marking on it! Simply send the money and I'll send you the markings! :blush: If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me via DM! :two_hearts:

    "Dominant White" Marking

    alt text alt text

    "Dominant White" Marking

    alt text alt text

    Medium White Spotted Marking

    alt text alt text

    Medium Overo with Mapping Marking

    alt text alt text

    Surprise Marking (Tovero)

    alt text alt text

    Medium Tobiano with Cat Tracks and Mapping Marking

    alt text alt text

    Medium White Spotted Marking

    alt text alt text

  • Competition Committee

    All those markings are amazing. <3

  • You always make such a great job on these - it's clear the effort you put into them <3


    You can now look at the details my markings have! Enjoy!
    I am waiting for your orders! :two_hearts:

  • NEW!

    I am now offering a horse creation service too! You can choose between import or offspring ! Just check out the new Request Form! :two_hearts:

  • Ugh, your markings are to die for! <3 I couldn't keep myself from requesting something :smile: I'm excited to see what you come up with.

  • Since it's been a while after I made the last markings, I want to ask everybody who applied to my marking service to tell me if you still want the marking you applied for! Simply DM me or write it here!

    You can also resend your order or if you changed your mind and still want something! :two_hearts:

    I'll update the waiting list after the first answers!

  • i forgot what i ordered....!

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