• ahh my game is going to hate me XD but thank you for creating and sharing <3

  • If anyone would be interested, I had challenged myself to photograph each pose from ABRC, so once I will have them all pictured, I will share a link <3

  • Thank you so much for this! I'm eager to get them in game and try them all out... though with over 600 it make take me a while! I'll try and link any pictures that I do take of the poses ^^

  • do you have a pic about the poses ?

  • @Luke-Alhmann I think I'm about half way done! I will share a link as soon as I have them all

  • @Judith-Montgomery : great new excellent

  • Update time! I have over 100 poses done photographing, which is WAY less than I thought I had :sweat_smile: However, here they are: click THIS LINK to go to the gallery with all the photos so far. I will be updating it as soon as I get new poses photographed. Each photo has a description stating which pose has been used for horse and for the sim. Let me know if you spot a mistake somewhere!

    Once again, a huge thank you to @Gundrun-Ward for sharing these poses with the community and I hope you all will enjoy using them just as much as I do! <3

  • HEY!
    I took photos of every poses I shared!

    and I'm back… so I'll make more poses!

  • Welcome back! ♥

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