[SOLD]2nd gen RID Mare

  • 0_1487318029225_millie trotting.png 1_1487316068510_millie jumping.png 0_1487316068509_millie conformation.png

    Triple Sec

    • Irish Draught mare
    • On The Rocks PJ x Ferns Lass T
    • Receives +3 in dressage, +4 in eventing
    • She is in the queue for registration, her Equus main site ID is #27961
    • “Millie” is a bay 7 year old, 17hh RID mare. She has an exceptional temperament and athletic ability. She is incredible at dressage, but also has the speed, strength, and stamina for eventing. She receives +3 in dressage and +4 in eventing. Both her parents still actively compete and are one is close to earning new titles.


    • Do not change her show name, her barn name can be whatever.
    • When you send me the money, I will send the file by email.
    • If you don’t like something about her you can change it, but please don’t Frankenstein her. Feel free to add shine markings, change her mane and tail style, etc. If you need to change things about her color to suit your computer, that’s okay too, but please don’t do anything drastic like make her a different color. Same things goes for her conformation. If you’re not sure, you can always ask me.
    • Active show homes only! I'd also love to see her in scrapbooks :)
    • If you break the rules, I will reclaim the horse.


    • Starting bid is $4000
    • Minimum bid increase is $1000
    • No maximum bid increase

  • Competition Committee

    SB :)

    Beautiful mare!

  • Accepted <3<3

  • Indeed a beautiful girl!

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