(Open)RKO Haven Estate Breeding BIY

  • Welcome to RKO Haven's first fall breeding season, for this season I will open my farm to outside mares, I have two Studs that will be available to your mares. RKO The Quiet Man - Duke a cream Thoroughbred stallion he will have 3 slots this time around and my new Polish Arabian stallion and he will have 3 slots too. Both horses are registered with the Equus stud book and are being shown.
    1: post here with your mare/s of choice
    2: Payment must be sent before the foal is made
    Thanks, Kat

    RKO The Quiet Man - 33820

    Stud Fee: $2500.00

    RKO Witraz Fetysz Siglavi - 33865

    Stud Fee: $4000.00
    1: Ms. Veola Loveless - good luck with your new Siggy baby

    Thank you for checking out my boys. :)

  • Update Siggy has two 2nd place Liberty under his belt now and he only did two Liberty shows so not a first place yet but he is getting there.

  • I'm interested in RKO Witraz Fetysz Siglavi

  • @Veola-Loveless okay I will add your name to his list. Just pay before you make a goal:)

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