[ENDS WHEN SOLD] Baroques and Thoroughbred

  • Rules

    • Some of the horses for sale are titled and have over 100 points so an active show home is required.
    • The horse comes with main site profile (this applies for those horses that are registered) and .sim file.
    • Urquijo mares ( @Borja-Domecq), Zahir thoroughbred ( @Irene-Duarte) and Cristallo HX ( @Isaiah-Pace) are reserved for their previous owners unless they don't want them back. In this case I will announce it here.
    • If you are the previous owner of any of the other horses please contact me in case you want him/her back, as I bought many many horses in the past and I can't remember all previous owners.
    • Most of these horses are outdated so feel free to update their conformation and/or coat. Coat color, mane/tail color, names and gender must remain the same, stallions can be gelded and grey horses may turn white (up to new owner).
    • If you buy any of these horses and wish to sell him/her in the future you don't have to contact me unless it's an Urquijo or Zahir horse.

    Link to spreadsheet

  • Only baroque horses left!

  • @Breanna-Fahnestock Because they are reserved for their previous owners until they let me know they don't want them or they want to get them back ^^ Pictures will be up today when I arrive home in a couple of hours!

    Edit: Cristallo will be available if I don't get a reply from his previous owner in a couple of days. And the Urquijo mares may be available today.

  • The two Urquijo mares are available for sale!

  • Four horses still looking for a new home! :D

  • Banned

    Do you have any pictures from Cristallo HX?

  • @Hilda-Wilson Picture added! I had it on my screenshots folder and forgot to post it lol

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