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    Bienvenue à Holbrook

    Welcome to Holbrook! Holbrook lies on the most southern shoreline of St. Mandeux; a small village on the coast of southeastern France. History oozes out of the walls of this farm which was once a fox hunting facility in the early 1900s is now the property of a 22 year old modern eventer and her family. Holbrook trains and breeds elite event horses and sends their horses and riders all around the world to compete internationally against the best of the best.

    À Propos de Nous

    The property was originally purchased by Jacques Holbrook, a French-American who's passion was horses. Jacques was a well known fox hunter who bred his hunt horses and dogs on the land, which was named "L'Holbrook" that the present day 'Holbrook' stands on. He lived there, in St. Mandeux, until his death in 1987.
    The land was inherited by Camille Holbrook-Peirce, Jacques' daughter, who later married David Pierce. While Camille and David owned the estate, they lived in the southeastern United States and putting no use to the farm, they tried to sell it. Their daughter, Britton Peirce was on a high school study abroad trip when she visited her family's farm for the first time. She was staying with a friend who was also a French-American named Caroline Klein. When Britton graduated high school, she moved to France, settling in with Caroline. Soon, with the help of Britton and Caroline's parents, they started to rebuild "L'Holbrook" into Holbrook Écuries et Centre Équestre. They patched up the facilities and moved in the horses. Now, Holbrook is a quiet show barn, but don't be fooled by the quaint estate! The horses are riders know how this competition world works...
    Britton Peirce is the manager of Holbrook and next in line to inherit the farm. At only 22 years old, she is competing against World-Class riders and their horses for the top spots in Eventing. She has been riding since she was four years old and got her first pony at 11 years old. Britton has been training and working with horses as much as she can, through school. Now, she is working on getting a degree in Equine Science and plans on working with horses for the rest of her life. Her best friend, Caroline has been right by her side through rebuilding Britton's family farm. Britton and Caroline live together in Caroline's family's home, right outside of St. Mandeux. Britton currently rides a young Selle Francais mare that is called Bebe around the barn. She hopes to take her to the top of her game and compete CCI**** before she retires.

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  • HOL Illisionniste
    Weeeeee! Finally, my first scrap entry! So, I'm sorta getting up and running again after my short break. I'm gonna start making horses and do my facilities and such starting now. I just reeeeally hope I don't go on a horse buying rampage because I'm already noticing the first stages of said rampage. Keep an eye out for Holbrook horses in the future!
    Anyway, enjoy these shots of me and my babe HOL Illusionniste slaying the game.

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  • What a gorgeous horse! Love the conformation and coat! That dressage pose is lovely too! xx

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    Gorgeous - love that mellow chestnut coat. Good luck, Illusioniste, there's a whole lot of competition out there!

  • @Neeve-Kalford Thank you! I'm really proud of her :)
    @Elsie-Spectre Thanks and I'm really hoping she does well.

  • What lovely photos to start off with. She's a gorgeous horse :)

  • Pretty pic Britton, love this horse! :)

  • @Samantha-Jadirea and @Ludivine-O-nells : Thank you guys so much! I'm glad you guys like her. :)

    @Britton-Peirce said in Holbrook | May 3rd | HOL Illusionniste:

    HOL Heureusment
    So I've went from three horses to nine in a matter of a few days, so be prepared for a lot of introduction posts over the next week or so and I'll try not to put out too many blog entries. If anybody is actually reading this (good for you and I love you, please let me know who you are and we can be friends) I'm still in the market for more event horses, so PM me. On other note, I'm finally building my facilities after almost four months so keep an eye out for that.
    Now presenting, Miss HOL Heureusement aka 'Fortune' and Caroline Klein.

    alt text

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  • Ah she is so beautiful! Cant wait to see the new horses! I still have KPE Poltava for sale Who is almost titled local champion in eventing and has 4 pedigree bonus points :) xx

  • @Neeve-Kalford Thank youuuuu! <3

  • Pasture Pals
    I'm finally getting around to taking pictures of my horses in game. Normally I can only do like two or three pictures at a time (at most) because my laptop is painfully slow but hey, it gets the job done. I also have a glowing problem in game that I need help fixing and I've already fixed once and it came back. Apparently I'm doing something wrong.
    Anyway, here is some casual pasture shots of some of my pons.

    Here is the gorgeous KPE Poltava (left) and KPE Parasi (right), whom I snatched from the talented @Neeve-Kalford in her sale. She still has horses left! Look here. These two are both Swedish Warmblood half siblings, both out of KPE Pita Pan. I see a great future for these two here at Holbrook!
    alt text

    I'm really loving these two together! This is HOL Chorégraphie (black) and HOL Élégant (bay). Chorégraphie is a handsome Westphalian who claims to be an event horse but is a hunter at heart. His feminine counterpart, Élégant also claims to be an eventer but is a dressage horse at heart. They are the best of friends. Do I see a foal in their future?
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  • Aw my babies <3 they look like they've settled in well. Cant wait to see how they go with you! goodluck! xx

  • Totally gorgeous ! :heart:

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