Reshade Users!

  • Hello there and let me invite you to listen to my problem :)

    I tried fiddling with my reshade settings (pretty sure i have 3.0) and all was good at the start when i began to dig deep into random files - which fast forward to now was a big mistake.

    I now receive this picture (as seen below) when my game starts up.

    alt text

    Ive tried uninstalling reshade and resinstalling it too and i cant seem to get it working :( im not sure if its because im doing it wrong or im putting the files in the wrong place, or what.

    If someone has any idea of what i can do to fix this or tell me what correct files i need to remove in order to reinstall (i literally regret being fussy with my settings) please feel free to reply to this thread. Im in much need of help :sweat_smile:

    ~ Charlie

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