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    Wyken Hall is our main stable, where we are focusing on breeding hanoverians, but we also have a few other breeds that live with us! Wyken Hall was founded in the middle of 2018 by Hilda Wilson and her husband Evan Wilson. Wyken Hall is located in Germany.

    And now, lets meet the staff!

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    • This is Hilda Wilson, as you may know, she is the founder and owner from Wyken Hall! She competes in dressage, show jumping and eventing, like every rider at the stable. Hilda is 21 years old and married to Evan. At the moment they don‘t have children..!

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    • Evan Wilson – Hildas husband. He is 23 years old and he also competes in the same disciplines as Hilda, but he mainly rides Eventing, because he loves it.

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    • Those two are Nisa Wilson, Hildas younger sister, and Nadjia Koprovszec. They both are 20 years old and they love dressage, but also do the other disciplines. 2016, Nisa went to Poland to work as a volunteer, where she met Nadjia. They felt in love and Nadjia decided to go to Wyken Hall with Nisa.

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    • The next one I want you to introduce to you is Timon Schmidt. He is 26 years old and he is responsible for the youngstock and he manages the stable with Hilda. But he also rides in shows, what ever the discipline is!

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    • The last two diligent riders are Olivia Fernandez (left one) and Anna Tanner (right one). Olivia is 22 years old and Anna is sweet 18 years old. Olivia competes mainly in eventing, like Evan, and Anna loves the show jumping.

    So far, so good! Thanks for visiting!

  • Ohhh Hilda !!! amazing update really love this last pic

    good luck for the next time :)

  • I'm now stalking you those images are lovely <3

  • Nisa and Nadjia <3
    love that update :D

  • you know i already love nisa and nadi (nadisa?) :sparkling_heart: you're also reminding me that i need to kick myself and finish writing my staff profiles (which have been in the works for far too long), but i guess i'll just sit here and sip yours instead if you dont mind :kissing_closed_eyes: :coffee:

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    It snowed the whole night and its a real winter wonderland at Wyken Hall. We decided to bring our lovely boys and girls to the pastures! Olivia took photos and catched a really cute photo from Wyken Hall's Eltinue and Wyken Hall's Gabon!

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    • @Luke-Alhmann Thank you, I love the last one too! :heart_exclamation:
    • @Maritza-Aehrenthal Aww, thank you so much Maritza! :heartpulse:
    • @Maria-Jones <3333 Thank you!
    • @Alexa-la-Coupe I know, I know :smirk: I already have new ideas for photos with them, because they are just so cute omg (Nadisa is a really great shipping name, will keep it hehe) :two_hearts: Yes, you really should sit down and finish it!! I really want to see what you'll come up with! :blush: , and I don't mind, you can sit there and sip mines as long and as often you want to hehe :kissing_closed_eyes:

  • <3 Gabon .... god Gabon... GABOOONNN <3

  • Oh oh Oh i saw a LGBTQ+ couple and here I am! You have stunning babes! Can't wait to see more of them <3

  • oh wow! ♥ your horses and pictures are so bautyful

  • Love seeing some happy pons. Also your staff profiles are everything, I love them.
    the gays are taking over and i'm here for it

  • Woa i Love your Album!! That is great 😍

  • Uhm, yes, hello? I think you have some pons who want to change homes and join Arsene :eyes: They are both super gorgeous :kissing_closed_eyes: and I absolutely adore your staff profiles :heart:

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