{Nikki's Christmas Miracle } [NEW Stand /Confo Posepack ]

  • Thank you for the lovely poses! <3

  • Have I mentioned yet that you are magic? Cause you are and I love these

  • PR Committee

    @Nicole-Löffler Thank you so much! I really appreciate it :heart:

  • Development Committee

    Nicole! The racing poses! YES! :heart_eyes:

  • More racing poses omg now I am WAY more excited for adding my racers!

  • Thank. You. So. Much. <3

  • Administrators

    You're the absolute best! These racing poses are awesome!

  • i’ve been trying to conjure up a way to write this the past two days but i really can’t express my thanks how i want to, so this will have to do.


    poses are never out of fashion and it’s incredibly, ridiculously, wonderfully, admirably generous of you to just dump so many pose sets on us like this. what did we do to deserve you? and i can’t think of a better person to have done this—your poses are absolutely perfect. they capture the fluidity and grace of even standing, and im super excited to finally have new poses that aren’t my lazy ones that only look decent in two angles. again, thank you :sparkles: :pray: :gift_heart:

    the breeches are also lovely and couldn’t have come at a better time; i may or may not have been finally fixing up my staff and characters :smirk:

  • You guys are literally way too good to me :heart_decoration: :heart_eyes_cat: :heartbeat:

    NEW HD Eye Mod :horse:

    This baby nearly made me insane tbh :rolling_eyes: I'm working on it by now for nearly 3 Month and I could never get it right even with the PS 3D View one eye was always different when I had this mod in-game :knife: I know it's not nearly as perfect as it was supposed to be but I think the little difference between both eyes isn't that big anymore I hope at least. I do want to publish it today so here you guys go remember you only can have one Eye Mod at the time in your game
    You install this mod in -> \Documents\Electronic Arts\Die Sims 3\Mods\Packages
    Once ingame go into CAS and tweak the eye color settings a bit, maybe even rotate the eye until it looks the best for you.

    alt text


    :snowflake: :santa_tone1:

    The second gift I prepared for you guys is a set of 10 Arabian Poses out of the Poetry in Motion Collection, Non-Poselisted of course

    alt text


  • N-n-n-n-nikki.....

    You must made me fall in love with your content I can't wait what else you have for us.

  • Wow Nikki! Thank you so much for this gifts <3 can't wait to test most of your content :D so.. can't say it enough thank you!

  • Development Committee

    Good lord, you really love us! The eyes are amazing and the arab poses are just what I needed! THANK YOU :heart:

  • Banned

    Nikki, you. Are. Amazing.
    Thank you so much for the hours, months..., that you spent on working on all this stuff! <3

  • Competition Committee

    An HD eye mod AND and Arabian pose pack? Nicole... you are truly amazing, thank you <3

  • alt text

  • THANK YOU SO MUCH for the Arabian love! <3 <3 <3 Can't wait to play with these poses

  • Administrators

    Thank you for spoiling us rotten <3 (by the way I got the eyes to work ;P)

  • Administrators

    I've honestly been struggling to comment in this thread for a few days now, because what to say? You're absolutely SPOILING us! These pose packs are jaw-dropping, the breeches are gorgeous, the eye mod is breathtaking. The quality of your work is always so high, you make the rest of us look like slackers in comparison. Thank you, thank you, thank you- I hope someone is showering you with all the gifts you deserve this Christmas :heart:

  • Thank you so much for this lovely eye mod! :heart_eyes: But I have noticed that it really doesn't go well with luke new hd coat mod that was released earlier today since it was a weird white line around the eyes that was not visible on your previews, I have no idea if it's the new hd coat mod, but are gonna test now with my older one and see if it works better since the mod looks gorgeous! Was same with Dana eye mod did I notice too that the eyes looked different with luke new hd coat mod :thinking: so I'm gonna try this out with my old one and see how it works ^^

  • @Christina-Lindblad
    I think that may actually have to do with eye size, I dont have the issue on some of my smaller eyed horses.

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