[WANTED] Trakehner and Danish Warmbloods Foals

  • I am currently planning my January warmblood foal crop and I need some more foals! :horse:

    I am looking for Trakehner and Danish Warmbloods! Either BIY or Traditional made foals.
    My main disciplines are Show Jumping and Dressage it would be nice if the foal gets some pedigree points too.
    You can offer me every breed that are able to produce these two breeds! Unusual colors are preferred!
    Be sure that these foals will be used and shown actively!

    I'm doing mostly trades, but can also pay money and partial trades too!

    I am exited to see what you are offering me! :heart:

  • I could breed you a Trakehner foal with a parents chosen by you.

    You can find my stallions and mares at my website or at my blod ;)

  • I also have various Trakehner stallions and mares at hand that could produce offspring of possible interest to you in the disciplines you are looking for :blush:

  • Competition Committee

    I would be more than happy to help you out as well @Richard-Sterling. I have plenty of Trakehners showing in both Show Jumping and Dressage that you are more than welcome to use. DM if you're interested and I can share my records or you can look at my mainsite <3

  • @Anna-Winters , @Annalena-Voigt , @Leah-Harrington
    Thank you for your offers! I will take a look at your horses asap and I will message you if I found a possible pair for me :heart:

  • Hi! I have some Trakehner as well :) you can see them via the Equus main site or my Website :)

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