[Ends when sold] Free Horses

  • So I don't need these guys(as they are template examples) so they are free to whoever wants them. First come first serve so please message me the one you want.


    • Send the horse my way if you don't want it anymore, or let me know if you want to sell it.
    • Don't mass upload or claim as your own.
    • Don't save the coat to use on a later horse or alter the coat.
    • <Enter equally important rule here?>


    Aehrenthal's Casual Elegance
    Chestnut Oldenburg Mare
    Ellie is a laid back mare, she keeps her nose out of trouble and rather be the less noticeable horse in the herd. She's notorious for taking off when someone comes to catch her so we wish you the best of luck trying to catch her.
    Her laid back nature would make her great for Dressage, she has such patience and naturally picked up a passage.
    alt text

    alt text alt text

    CLAIMED... by me
    Aehrenthal's Smashed Remix
    Bay Near Leopard Appaloosa Mare
    Rhi is a sweet mare, she's super outgoing and has a ton of energy. If this mare could talk she would swear up and down that she would take on flat racing.
    The rest is up to you to discover.
    alt text

    alt text alt text

  • Damn i missed it:frowning2:

  • I'd like to add in this, just because I put up images of what the horse looks like in game(with my 2k18 Stocking Stuffer Thread) doesn't mean they will be put here, I got a message yesterday asking for a horse that wasn't posted. Please wait until the horse(s) are added here before asking for it :)

  • Add a new horse :)

    But she is potentially pending a home, but don't let that scare you off you can still message me if you are interested in her.

  • I really like the second horse

    How I understand it is free?

  • @Diana-Abelts the 2nd one was claimed I ended up keeping her but I do have more to go as I am planning more templates.

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