Miniature Gypsy Horse

    Note my Template used Robyn Diggory Gypsy Cob (also a good template for MGH) for my base template. It was molded to use
    for my MGH template the tweaking was heavy to make the horse look like the breed.
    I will share this template with anyone who would like to use it, just send me a chat with your email.
    About The Breed

    BREED NAME: Miniature Gypsy Horse

    Link to any real life registries:
    Real life Breeders:

    Give us a brief history of the breed:
    What makes this breed different to other breeds we already have on Equus? How is it unique?
    This breed is a up and coming new breed of horses, in fact it is still being perfected as I am writing this post. The Mini Gypsy Horse may not even be keep this name for it is known as a Gypsy Cob, Pony or Tinker in the UK and here in American we are calling the horse a Cob if it was bred in the UK and a Mini Gypsy Horse if bred here in the USA. This breed like it's bigger cousins the Vanner and Drum Horse was created by the Romany folk in the UK there many examples of this little horse all around England and is featured at the great Appleby Fair every year, in fact many are making there way here to the USA to help create the MIni Gypsy Horse. This story will help a bit more, I am not very good a writing, " The making the Miniature Gypsy Horse"


    The Miniature Gypsy Horse should look like a Gypsy Vanner in miniature form
    Small draft type horse with strong legs, short back and a powerful horse in a very small package
    Hands: 11h and under

    Disciplines: Driving should receive highest cap(not sure how to do the cap thing), Liberty, Halter, In-hand hunter, western trail and jumping - in-hand means the horses are lead around the course by handler to do jumps, hunter or trail type things.

    strains: Gypsy Vanner, Gypsy Cob, Miniature Horse, Falabella Horse, Dartmoor Pony, Fell Pony, Dole Pony and the Shetland Pony. All these breeds had a hand in making this horse and in the USA the Miniature Horse, small Gypsy Vanner and some Fell Ponies are very prominent in the bloodline, with the smaller Gypsy Vanner the first go to and than it's the Miniature Horse. The Gypsy horse is basically the Mutt of the Horse world so there are many breeds of horses that influence this breed even some Trotters and Standardbred horses. The Romany People like Flashy, high stepping and strong gentle horses to be around their children. A horse that can go all day at a steady trot without get winded.

    Making of a Miniature Gypsy Horse

    Master Breed List

    Base Colors; Bay(all), Pinto(all), Chestnut(all), Grey, Dun
    Modifiers: Yes most I believe this is a mutt type horse :D
    Appaloosa: Yes
    Grey: Yes
    Rare; Creams
    Most Gypsy horses also have blue eyes, but they can have brown eyes as well as one blue eye and one brown eye
    Outcrosses: Small Gypsy Vanner 13hs and under, Gypsy Cob/Tinker/ Pony and the Miniature Horse including Falabella Horse

    Examples Of The Breed

    Provide at least 3 examples of this breed that you have created in your game. The examples must accurately reflect the breed - they must be of the conformation and type that you described and be of the allowed colors that you listed.

    If your breed has distinct strains that you would like added, you must create at least one example of each strain.

    You can include examples other active members have made as well. The examples do not all have to be owned by you.

    It is recommended but not required that you make these templates available to the community if your breed is accepted so that others may create their own horses of this breed!

    Example One:

    Meet Ian he is a nice representative of his breed, he is very strong and show one of the many colors that this breed comes in this case a palomino pintaloosa. Ian is a smaller horse but is well with in the standard for this breed. He has the Miniature Horse size but the Gypsy Vanner look. This is what we are hoping to accomplish with the creation of this breed.

    Example Two:
    This Gizzy she is owned by Frankie my sister, Gizzy also came from the McOrr farm and she is a bit taller than my horse Ian but still with in the standard of the Miniature Gypsy Horse. Again this breed is being created as I write this request up and most of the horses most likely have a 13h sire for them to a be bigger. Gizzy sports the Liver Chestnut coat color that can be a possibility with the MGH. Gizzy lives with Frankie at PAC - SADDLE Estates.

    Example Three: (About)
    Here is my third horse, Bernadette is sporting a red roan coat and she is 11h. Bernadette also has a bit of a longer back with short legs making her cobby again this can happen in the Miniature Gypsy Horse because of the breeds that are helping make the MGH a reality. I do hope that I have made this breed interesting enough to inter into the Equus stud book, I think it is a beautiful horse and I feel like people would like to show it here at Equus. Thank you for considering this magnificent little horse. Bernadette is seen here getting to know Robert, Bernie is a very sweet mare and I love being around her :D Tata

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    I wouldn't consider this to be a distinct breed, at least not where it stands presently. It seems to be just a collection of breeders who are aiming to produce smaller Gypsy Vanners from purebred stock, and they are still in development. Currently they are only a few hands smaller than regular Gypsy Vanners, not quite into the range of what I would consider a miniature horse, and they don't seem to be getting registered as a distinct breed. Perhaps in a few years if the breed has come further along into being more of a distinct strain of Vanner, we could consider adding it. :D

    However, we have decided to add a new Cob breed- the Irish Cob, which is distinct from the Show Cob and more closely resembles the Gypsy Vanner, with a Pony strain that these horses would fall into. :slight_smile:

  • Thank you :)

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