Difference between Coldblooded Trotter (Nor & Swe)

  • Ok. I explain.

    I want to make a barn focused on breeds with few registered individuals here. It's an idea still in development, but I'm gradually choosing breeds ... and I've come across the Coldblooded Trotter (Norwegian and Swedish, I suppose).

    Forgive my poor English.

    The point is that I'm looking for images in google and I'm not able to find differences between them. That's why I'm looking for someone who can help me with this.

    Maybe the difference is where they are born? Something similar to some breeds of Warmbloods.

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    I believe there’s two separate stud books for them... so maybe have a look at the difference in registration requirements?

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    I'm personally not very sure on the difference myself- they're rather small breeds and most of the information on them is in their respective languages. However, both are draft-type harness racer breeds, and I would wager the difference is as you said, where they are born and the studbooks they use.

    I'm excited you are interested in them- they're very unique breeds and have very few members on Equus! :D

  • I breed the northswedish trotter myself and talked to someone well knowing from the community about this breed... @Therese-Lind , was it you? I'm still not an expert.

  • @Sorina-Collins I'm not sure to be honest, I have North Swedish drafts so it could have been Nea Sterling, I think she has coldblooded trotters as well :slight_smile:

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    Hi there! I have my very own Norwegian Coldblood Trotter in real life, they are an amazing breed and it's so great to see other members having interest in this breed. I'm currently working on having my own trotter breeding program as well, I'm just a little slow. :see_no_evil:

    I don't have a lot of experience in the actual trotting community in real life, even though I live in Norway, just a few miles away from a racing track where they train racers daily and have a lot of experience... But from what I've learned by doing research and reading is that the main difference between the breeds is that the Norwegian trotter has it's origin from The Dole Gudbrandsdal(Dole horse), while Swedish trotter has its origin from the North Swedish Draft. They also used to have different regulations for the horses to be graded, but from what I learned, this no longer applies to the breeds.

    This is a short extract from the DNT's public breeding regulations, translated to English:

    Recognizing that Sweden and Norway had a common coldblood strain and overall a relatively modest population, a letter of intent was signed on 12. June 1990 between Sweden and Norway. In the year 2000, DNT/Det Norske Travselskap and STC/Svenska Travsportens Centralförbund signed an agreement. The agreement leads to a bigger and wider breeding base, but this also means that the regulations and breeding goals are the same in the two countries.

    According to the intent and the Swedish-Norwegian coldblood agreement, these following actions have been initiated:

    • In 1994 they merged their breeding index.
    • In 2000 they implemented a common grading procedure and regulations
    • In 2003 they merged the stallion catalogues
    • In 2004 they implemented common studbooks
    • In 2005 they also shared the same breeding plan

    So today, the Norwegian and Swedish Coldblood trotter actually has a common studbook. However, they are still named as Swedish or Norwegian, depending on which country they were born in. I think it is important that it stays as separate breeds on the MBL, because even though Sweden and Norway have an agreement they still name the horses after where they were born and it's the most realistic choice. I am not quite sure why they still have different names even though they have a common studbook, but it may be because they have their origin from different breeds or that it is simply just a part of the Swedish-Norwegian agreement. Someone who has more experience in the trotting community than me might be able to answer this.

    And this leads to our conclusion:
    The Norwegian and Swedish have very little difference, if none at all, in conformation and coat colours. They share the same breeding plan and thus there should be very little difference in the breeds. The Swedish and Norwegian Coldblood Trotter can be crossed as well. However, they do not allow any other breeds to be crossed with their trotters, not even the breeds they origin from, since they are a heavier draft type than desired in the trotter strain.

    And to any Scandinavian trotting enthusiast that thinks I've got it wrong, please yell at me for this so everyone knows if this is correct information or not. :') This is just what I found by doing research and digging, I am by no means an expert in the coldblood trotter even if I own one myself.

    I hope that this was all understandable and good luck with getting started with these wonderful breeds! :D

  • @Diana-Sæterbakken Thank you so much for the info! This is very useful for me, mainly to be able to start creating the template for each breed (it was the most important problem I was facing).

    I'm glad to know that I'm not the only person with a trotter breeding plan.

    @Therese-Lind @Sorina-Collins @Nikki-Calvaria @Toni-Lamberti Thanks for your contributions. <3

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    @Diana-Sæterbakken Thank you for doing research on these breeds! I have updated the MBL to allow them to be crossed with each other, and made sure they have the same color information. Very helpful! :heart:

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    You are both very welcome and it was fun doing some research! :heart:
    These breeds are very close to my heart in real life, so they surely need some love on Equus as well. Maybe this will help others to be more interested in starting up a breed program for them too! :blush:

  • @Diana-Sæterbakken , many many thanks for searching and translating this informations. I have my problems even with English and could not find any detailed infos i'was able to unterstand. Now i know much more :heart_decoration:

  • Wow thanks for the information Diana, that is very useful to know and helpful too. I love knowing the back history on all of the worlds horses. Thank you so much. :D

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