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    Greetings Fellow Riders and Horse enthusiasts,
    Welcome to some sort of diary - at least the others like to call it that, but I am sure it won't be much of a diary, but whatever- and have a nice day


    an Addition: This Stud trains and shows Western, Dressage and Eventing Horses and as well trains upcoming Riders. We own a Café and also a have little sheep farm thing going on, so we're quite busy, but questions, comments or anything aren't bothering us at all, so talk away.

  • The Staff

    Name Occupation
    Samuel Phaídan Owner, Dressage Trainer
    Connor Pearce Western Trainer
    Aiden Stark Eventing Trainer
    Arthur Marston Western Trainer
    Newt Chadderton Stable Hand, Student
    Abigail Raghnaill Student
    Peter Köppke Student
    Katharina Lupinska Student
    Maximilian Stott Student
    Ayato Tashiaki Stable Hand

  • The Horses

    The Western Section

    Name Breed
    Burberry DW AQH
    Syrena DW Mustang
    Howler DW Mustang
    Silver Soldier DW AQH
    Ravine's Eclipse DW Appaloosa
    Wolfsbane DW APH
    Starbucks DW AQH
    Red Remedy DW AQH
    Draconess DW APH
    Wiccan DW APH
    Riannon DW APH
    Honey DW Arabian (Spanish)
    Rhaenyra DW AQH
    Buckaroo DW Missouri Foxtrotting Horse
    Rockin' Riot DW Appaloosa
    The Dressage Section

    Name Breed
    Quill DW Swedish Warmblood
    Arlequín DW PRE
    Lord DW German Riding Horse
    Levinor DW Berber
    Finiro DW Oldenburg
    Grimm DW Kinsky Horse
    Firenze DW Hannoverian
    The Eventing Section

    Name Breed
    Cardiff DW Swedish Warmblood
    Steve DW Swedish Warmblood
    Déjà vu DW Holsteiner
    Abby DW Trakehner
    Hollow Knight DW Finnhorse
    Aurelion DW Canadian Sporthorse
    Widow DW Irish Sporthorse
    Yennefer DW Westphalian
    Ghost DW Dutch Warmblood
    Sherlock DW British Warmblood
    Hawkeye DW Belgian Warmblood
    The Bonus Section

    Name Breed
    Rosebobal DW Tenessee Walking Horse
    Amber DW Suffolk Punch

  • Tuesday, 4th of December 2018

    To kick this album off, you get one of the newest shots Sam is making us all do. He mentioned something with a website or some stuff but I seriously doubt that that will ever happen...Anyway! Here you got my pretty Cardiff! Looking extra slick after a bath to look extra pretty.



  • Oooh he’s stunning!

  • @Rena-Cort said in Dallowelth:

    Oooh he’s stunning!

    Thanks, dear. It's the best horse in the stable


    You wish. - Sam

  • Saturday, 8th of December 2018

    So another shot from that day with a rather unpleasent guest (no offense, Connor but this horse is a maniac). May I introduce you to Howler who got that lovely name from neighing all day and being incredibly annoying. He's the second Mustang Project Connor got himself and the worst for sure. Not that he gets along with this devil, tho.

    We just let Arthur's magical hands do the work and hope for the very best that he'll be some kind of rideable in the future.



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