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    In this blog you will mainly see pictures and read "stories" about my stables. Those stables are The Riddermark Equestrian Center, Zephyr Ranch, Nadir Farms, and Yeguada las Morerías. The Riddermark Equestrian Center, most commonly known as the REC is where I breed Warmbloods for Jumpers and Hunters. We used to also show in Eventing and Dressage but I decided to zone in on Jumpers/Hunters to make things easier on myself. Zephyr Ranch is where my focus lies on western disciplines such as Reining and Cutting with my American Quarter and American Paint Horses. Nadir Farms is where my sole focus lies with Arabians. My Straight Egyptians compete in Endurance while my new lines of Polish bred Arabians will focus on English Pleasure, Country Pleasure, and Fine Harness. Yeguada las Morerías is where I breed and show Andalusian (PRE) horses that compete in Dressage and Classical Dressage. Please don't expect my pictures to be edited beyond a basic filter. I prefer to see pictures as unedited as possible because I like to see what the game looks like. I know, I'm weird like that, plus I can't draw to save my life.

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    We were established with the hopes of producing top quality competition Dressage horses. Our mission is to breed Andalusian Horses (Pura Raza Española) that are beautiful, graceful, well mannered, excell in the art of Dressage and that prove to be the best representation of their breed.

    Our breeding program has been designed to ensure that anybody who purchases a horse from us will get a horse that is not only beautiful but of great quality. All Pura Raza Española purchased from us has our guarantee that it will be eligible for registration here at Equus.

    The Pura Raza Española is a pure breed that originated in the Iberian Peninsula, where its ancestors have lived for thousands of years. The Andalusian has been recognized as an individual breed since the 15th century, and its conformation has changed very little over the centuries. Throughout its history, it has been known for its prowess as a war horse, and was prized by the nobility. The breed was used as a tool of diplomacy by the Spanish government, and kings across Europe rode and owned Spanish horses.

    "...It is the noblest horse in the world, the most beautiful that can be. He is of great spirit & of great courage and docile; hath the proudest trot & the best action in his trot, the loftiest gallop and is the lovingest and gentlest horse, and fittest of all for a kind in his day of triumph." - William Cavendish

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