Tips for Newbies

  • I did a bit of looking around, and saw plenty of useful information, but I'm sure I and everyone else who isn't quite sure of what they're doing would love to know:
    What is the one thing you would recommend a newbie do to succeed here on Equus?

  • Interact a lot with people's blogs / scrapbooks! It's a good way to start to get to know people, and make friends.

  • it also helps to just hang around the help/discussion threads. i've made a few friends that way!

  • Get involved with the community, just like the others said, hang around the forum and interact :)

    When it comes to your own blog/scrapbook, don't worry about whether your edits are "the best" or not. It's all about being creative and having fun. But most importantly, we're all here playing the same game we all love!

  • PR Committee

    Don't spend all your money in one place! Learn how to make money before spending money or learn a useful skill so you don't have to spend money i.e. making markings, retextures, poses ect...

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