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    I feel that the level of TB blood in Australian Stock Horses warrants them a similar cap in Polo to TBs and notably, Appendix QHs (probably their closest equivalent). In Australia they're used in all levels of polo competition up to the highest international level, I've added additional examples below.

    Haydon stud breeds many ASHs for polo and polocrosse, the following are horses I can find listed as being international exports or national team members:

    • Haydon Angel Jewel (Has won basically every international polo accolade under the sun, exported to Argentina)
    • Haydon Spanish Jet (Played and won on Team UK against Team USA)
    • Haydon Oracle (Exported to the UK)
    • Hayden Victorianna (Exported to UK, played in Argentine Open, Ellerston)
    • Haydon Emerald (Played at test level vs NZ)
    • Haydon Sky Jewel (Played Sydney Open)
    • Haydon Olivia (Exported to UK)
    • Haydon Roseleaf (Played Ellerston High Goal)
    • Haydon Pandora (Played Ellerston High Goal)
    • Haydon Rosetta (Played at Test Level)
    • Ellerston Cruiser (Currently playing on Argentina's best polo team)

    These are obviously not the only polo ASH breeders around, just ones who actually document their horses (relatively) well for the purposes of providing exmaples.

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    Accepted, thank you for your research!

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