Nikki's 2018 Pile Of Nonsense [12/25 - Kabarda, Vanner, and Arabian Templates]

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    Name Description Post
    Coldblooded Trotter Template A template for Norweigian and Swedish Coldblooded Trotters Post
    Movable Dapple Markings 16 dapple markings found in the movable marking section Post
    Light Baroque Template Suits Berbers, Paso Finos, Chilean Horses, Marismeño, Peruvian Paso, PRE/PSL, Lipizzaners, etc Post
    Grey Face Shader For adding extra grey details to faces Post
    Kladruber Template A template for Kladrubers, go figure Post
    Chubari Markings Set 4 regional markings and one movable marking for adding chubari/tetrarch spots to your greys Post
    Heavy Stock Template A template for stock breeds with draft influence Post
    Fleabitten Set Regional and movable fleabite markings Post
    Georgian Grande Template A template for Georgian Grandes. I'm running out of different ways to say this Post
    Caspian Horse Template Go make some very small horses Post
    Glitter Hoof Polish It's exactly what you think it is Post
    Sugarbush Template A template for American Sugarbush Harlequin Drafts Post
    Regional Dapple Set Flank, shoulder, belly, and leg dapples Post
    Campolina Template Template for making the Brazilian Campolina Post
    Cheesecake Cross-Country Jump I don't-- I don't have a description for this Post
    Clydesdale Template Clydesdales. Post
    Heavy Draft Template A template suiting a large variety of draft breeds (Belgian, Noriker, American Cream, Shire, Dole, North Swedish, etc) Post
    Show Cob Template Template for the Show Cob (Maxi) strain Post
    Saddle Horse Template Template suiting stocky gaited breeds Post
    Mix & Match Tobiano Set 10 swapable, interchangeable tobiano markings Post
    Cheekbone Highlight Tiny marking to bring more attention to your lovely cheekbones. Post
    Heavy Baroque Template Suits: Aztecas, Criollos, Mallorquin Horses, etc. Post
    Baroque Pinto Template Baroque or Barock Pintos, they're cool Post
    Light Stock Template For breeds like Appendix QH, Colorado Ranger, Australian Stock Horses, etc Post
    Stock Pony Templates Light and Heavy versions Post
    Kabarda Template Template for Kabarda or Anglo-Kabardas Post
    Gypsy Vanner Template Go make some extremely hairy horses Post
    Arabian Template 2018 My newest Arabian/Pintabian/Araloosa template Post

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    A light draft breed used for harness racing in Scandinavia, Coldblooded Trotters may refer to two closely related and interconnected breeds- the Norsk Kaldblodstraver (Norwegian Coldblood Trotter) and the Svensk Kallblodstravare (Swedish Coldblood Trotter). Their main use is trot racing, however they also receive high caps in Draft Horse Showing, Ridden Showing, TREC and Dressage sports.

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    Nikki over here making me want weird breeds I've never wanted before :see_no_evil: This template is lovely, thank you! :heart:

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    16 Movable Dapple Markings ready to make your 2019 coats gorgeous. As the name implies, they can be found in the movable markings section. Most of these were taken from greys and will probably work best on grey coats- but that doesn't mean they can't class up your other coats as well. Enjoy :ribbon:

    alt text
    alt text

  • Oh.... I think I just been issued a challenge with my greys I make now...

    Thank you Nikki!

  • Thank you so much for these movable dapple markings, they will be very useful! :heart_eyes:

  • Thank you! You can never have too many dapples <3

  • just gonna swallow these whole

  • Competition Committee

    Seriously Nikki... First the raffle and now this, you are amazing <3 Thank you

  • Breed Committee

    im so fuckin hyped for those dapples oml thenk you

  • Thank you for yhis :heart:

  • look at our queen, slaying as usual :pray: :sweat_drops: you also beat me to freeform dapples (which i started in october and never bothered to finish) but that's ok i 200% apporove the dapples and the chonk look AMAZING (as does all of your stuff)--thank you :gift_heart: if the dapples start complaining that they're being overworked on my moldies, don't look at me :shrug:

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    alt text

    A template suiting light baroque breeds with rounded frames and light square heads. Shown here used on Berbers, Paso Finos, and Chilean Horses, and would suit similar breeds such as Marismeño, Peruvian Paso, PRE/PSL and Lipizzaners. These breeds tend to flourish in sports such as Dressage and Working Equitation, Pleasure disciplines, and Western careers such as Cutting and Ranch Versatility.

    alt text alt text alt text alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    Thank you all so much for your sweet words! :sparkling_heart:

  • Aw nikki, you're spoiling us with these super nice template and the dapples ... just, I have no words. I'll have to add a dozen of greys to my stables ^^

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    A marking intended to add extra grey around the eyes, ears, cheekbones, muzzle and forehead. Largely created out of experimentation and turned out just decent enough to release. YMMV. Found in the Head section with a black thumbnail. Enjoy :snowflake:

    In CAS, full opacity, no extra added markings
    alt text

    In game on coats with other detail markings and shaders
    alt text

    link text

  • Berbers, Paso Finos, and Chilean Horses, and would suit similar breeds such as Marismeño, Peruvian Paso, PRE/PSL and Lipizzaners

    When you think you have too many horses but you think that, well, place for one or two (or five) more, you have.
    alt text

  • Development Committee

    And just like that, I have new breeds to add to my collection again :see_no_evil: That template is gorgeous!
    And the face shader? YES! Just what I was needing to make some dark greys! :kiss:

  • You are too good for us! We don't deserve you ... Thank you so much for sharing this with us :heart:

  • @Irene-Duarte haha xD awesome. everytime!

  • Nikki, seriously, I LOVE YOU! Thank you soo much for the markings and templates

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