Day Seven - Halters

  • PR Committee

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    The first week has flown by! I hope you're all enjoying the amazing gifts so far, and pretty please remember show your appreciation for all the creators who donated something :sparkling_heart:


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    Today's gift comes courtesy of @Charlie-Smith and is this great halter rexture. It even comes with a foal version too! These are retextured halters from Lakeside's plain halter. Both halter retextures can be found in the head accessory part of CAS. They only have one texture base along with only being two channel (buckles and then the halter itself).


    alt text


    :snowman2: ENJOY! and ENJOY! :snowflake:

  • Yeaaahi halters! :D

  • Thank you so much these are really nice looking :D

  • YES! i love these :D

  • Development Committee

    Lovely, thank you! :D :christmas_tree:

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