Things That Aren't Imports or A Raffle - Tiny Tweaks Sliders

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    Tiny Tweaks Slider Set

    Some questionable sliders that make tiny adjustments that hardly anybody will notice I'm sure but I notice and wanted the sliders. So I made the sliders.
    Here's the sliders.

    Slimmer Legs (Front & Back)
    I was always of the opinion that the legs on the EA horse model were a bit... thick, when viewed from the front and back. So...
    Two sliders that nobody asked for but I made anyway. Because I wanted to.

    alt text

    alt text

    Adjusts the scale of the legs on just the one axis while attempting to maintain the rest of the leg proportions as much as possible. Found in the legs section.

    Refined Muzzle
    Various incarnations of something like this slider have existed over the years, but, for me anyway, most of them either adjusted too much(for my tastes), or were incomplete/unfinished. This slider borrows values from other existing versions, but focuses only on the muzzle.

    alt text

    Found in the muzzle section.
    Download Refined Muzzle

    Forehead Rotation
    The tiniest of tiny tweaks: giving you control over the rotation of the forehead bone. Why? I don't really know but it seemed like it would be useful at the time. Variety is the spice of life, and all of that.

    alt text

    Found in the muzzle section.
    Download Forehead Rotation

    Extra Eye Height
    Not even going to bother including a sample screenshot of this, since it does exactly what you'd think it does: it's an additional range for eye height. Since I couldn't for the life of me ever get NRaas to work on increasing the range of pet sliders, and I don't really want to install a core mod, this was the next best thing to cure the fact that there were just some times when I wanted a smidge more range on the eye height slider, in one direction or the other.

    Found in the eye section.
    Download Extra Eye Height

    Everything should be functional and work for foals as well, but if something's broken, just let me know. They were tested, but not very rigorously.

  • You are amazing Dimitri!! Gonna install them all lol I've always needed another eyes height slider haha

  • Asked for or not, there are never enough new slider in Sims universe :heart: Thanks a lot for your great work and sharing it with the community :heart_eyes_cat: :gift:

  • Administrators

    These are fabulous and I've honestly been thinking of learning to make sliders myself just for the smidge of extra eye height I've felt I always needed, but now I don't have to! :heart: Thank you so much!

  • These are cool, can't wait to try out that muzzle slider. Thank you <3

  • Thank you so much!

  • I wonder how are you able to work on 60+ imports and sliders. Productive much? I wanna be you when I grow up.
    Many thanks, Dimi :heart:

  • Thanks a lot these sliders are amazing and will be so helpful !

  • They are great Thank you, I was able to get most of them except the hind legs one the link seems to broken for me :(

  • Daddy D's christmas miracles :sunglasses:

  • It's 6am and I have to leave for work in ~10 minutes so I don't have time to reply to everybody but:

    @Katharina-Opalhaven said in Things That Aren't Imports or A Raffle - Tiny Tweaks Sliders:

    They are great Thank you, I was able to get most of them except the hind legs one the link seems to broken for me :(

    The link should be fixed now, sorry about that; thought I'd tested them all.

    @Eowyn-Vance said in Things That Aren't Imports or A Raffle - Tiny Tweaks Sliders:

    Daddy D's christmas miracles :sunglasses:

    eowyn pls no

  • Development Committee

    No one may have asked for these, but I'm glad we have them anyway! They'll be very useful, thank you! :heart:

  • Truly a people’s hero

  • PR Committee

    These are all super great! Thank you so much for sharing :D

  • These are great! Especially the leg sliders are so usefull and all of them add even more realism! Thank you for sharing them with us and please make more stuff no one has asked for :heart: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

  • Thank you :D

  • Ohhh~ thank you~

  • dumbitchri’s delicious dumb disgusting dump :nauseated_face:

  • Those sliders are an absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait to use them in my game. Thank you so much for sharing them! :heart:

  • Wow, this is really some kind of magic happening this time...
    I love your sliders so much! They complement my own Arabian horse's confo so well, at the same time correcting the defects that my sliders have had all this time. So good! And it even pushes for certain inspirations and ideas, hmmm... Still there is no limit to perfection, as they say. Thank you so much for sharing them, Dimitri! Your work is always a pleasure to see, no matter what it is:heart:

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