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  • So I like to keep track of horses I sold, I noticed my girl Golden Edition was in reclaimable horses so I instantly filled out the form to get her back, checking today it was declined due to not showing enough evidence that I owned her... okay, the images I attached were from when I made her back in 2013(only on hand images I had).

    I'm trying to figure out why i didn't get her back as her prefix isn't mine anymore(EsS). Makes me wonder what I do wrong with that form now and then.

  • It can be a bit difficult to reclaim when you don't own the prefix anymore. Try providing a screenshot of the sale transaction in your bank account? Things like screenshots of scrapbook updates you did of her, show entries etc might also help. Maybe some kind of proof that the prefix EsS actually was yours?

    I have pictures of lots of horses that aren't mine, if they just accepted pictures I could reclaim a lot of horses that I have no rights to :laughing:

  • @Eowyn-Vance I don't have any images on her through my imgur account or on my facebook(probably on my old one but that's been deleted), I could try again and claim EsS as my prefix even though it's not anymore but rather not lie to get her back :s I'll have to dig through what I can and find pictures of her but it'll be hard.

    Did dig up more images so I'll try again :s

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    Eowyn is correct- you need proof you actually owned or created the horse, not just photos of it. Bank transactions, screenshots of blog posts, and show entries are all good suggestions. Furthermore, if you owned the EsS prefix recently enough that we have records of it, you can say that you used to own it which is proof enough for reclaims as well. (You do not have to currently own a prefix to use it as proof for reclaims and I do not recommend trying to lie and say you own or have owned a prefix you did not.)

  • @Nikki-Calvaria EsS was back on the old forum so definitely not a recent prefix same with any conversations regarding the sale of her, but I'm hoping that digging up enough images and finding the price she was sold and to who should help x.x

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    Do you have bank records of her sale? I've been able to provide those as proof for my very first prefix

  • @Octavia-Ryland I have that but Olivia doesn't exist on the forum anymore so it was blank

  • Finally got her profile back took 3 tries but glad to have my girl back.

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