[RL Question] Mouse thing

  • Hey all so I am going on mouse #3 in this room. We have non humane traps set up around the facility and some are in select rooms that do deal with the mice(I am close to an exterior door).

    The first 2 mice were caught in sticky traps and dealt with, mouse #3 just came in and he is behind my bed, I do have a sticky trap back there but after he's caught, whose to say that another mouse won't just waltz into my room. I tend to keep a towel shoved under my door during the night to prevent this but since the last mouse was caught I stopped. I'll have to start again obviously.

    So my question is how can I prevent this from happening a 4th time if this mouth is caught and dealt with. I'm kinda sick an tired of it but I only do have about 3 weeks left in this building until the season is over. I was told to not touch the trap but I do want to keep it so the mouse is forced to go into this trap if he get's behind my desk again.

    I do have

    • No food related product on the ground
    • Anything the mouse can chew through is placed inside a locker(bread, chips, crackers, etc)
    • All dishes that are holding food are sealed and put in my refrigerator.

    I have literally been tempted to bring a mouser in and just let it stay here(obviously can't because it's against the dorm rules). I'm at a loss and really want to stop this mouse thing(last mouse ruined a loaf of bread)

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