[Closed] FREE Blind Western Stock Imports

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    Cascabel Ranch is offering FREE blind stock imports to encourage people to try out western disciplines, to be eligable you must have less than 10 western horses currently. This ends March 1st so get your apps in as soon as possible! Horses come with custom markings/shaders.

    Examples of my work:

  • I've finished the first four imports!

    CSR Miss Big Shine aka "Darling", a palomino spotted blanket appaloosa mare for @Audrey-Henderson

    CSR Lil' Joe Dun aka "Joe", a bay dun spotted blanket appaloosa gelding with unexplained blue eyes (you can change them to brown if you wish) for @Rebecca-Wall

    CSR Pelago Jack aka "Lego", a chestnut sabino overo APH stallion for @Clara-Doyle

    CSR West Side Rambler aka "Rambler", a silver sooty buckskin tovero APH stallion for @Emily-Preston-James

    Stay tuned for the remaining imports! Also, for those of you that are looking to interact with the rest of the western community please don't hesitate to join #western chat on slack, there are plenty of people there including myself who can answer all your western related questions. For those of you who's imports these are, please message me on here or slack to get the files, their main sites are being made and reg requests will be sent in before they are received.

  • OMG he´s sooo damn pretty!!!!! <3

  • @Cole-Tieman Darling is stunning! I love her so much! Thank you Cole, this was incredibly generous of you :heart:

  • Sorry for the delays, I had some major computer issues but I've made up for lost time and I come bearing the next 5imports!

    CSR Silver Smokin' Cat aka "Jester", a Silver Grullo Roan Tobiano APH stallion for @Fiora-Healy

    CSR Sun O'Lena aka "Sunny-Dee" , an Amber Champagne Dun Sabino Overo APH mare for @Levi-Rosenthal

    CSR Tuff Cat aka "Candy", a (very) Sooty Dunalino Sabino Overo APH mare for @Luke-Teth

    CSR Smart Lil' Jewel aka "Sundance", a Chestnut Dominant White APH mare for @Sophie-Lawrence

    CSR Lucky Lil' Lena aka "Eclipse", a Blue Roan Minimal Tobiano APH mare for @Leah-Harrington

    I hope you're all happy with your imports! DM me here or on slack to receive the files, main site will be sent as soon as i get the credits to make them :smile:

  • Competition Committee

    @Cole-Tieman Absolutely love her :heart: She's perfect!

  • ooogg amazing works love lucky lil lena <3
    I'm really tempt by having a one creation

  • ugh -wants one but has too many horses to qualify-

  • Hehe Jester 😅

  • Thanks a lot she's so perfect ! I'm in love :heart:
    The wait was worth it !

  • :o

    I have no words! She's amazing :D

  • Development Committee

    I'm superhappy with my horse! He is so beautiful! :blush:
    Thanks alot! :heart:

  • Next four are done!

    CSR Amigo's Chica Dee aka "Chick Pea", a Bay Roan Blanket Appaloosa Mare for @Fawn-Trinity

    CSR Tinsel Twister aka "Sky", a Blue Roan AQH Mare for @Lucia Zanotti

    CSR Cruzin' For Chex aka "Jericho", a Dunalino AQH Stallion for @Toni-Lamberti

    CSR Hickory's Daydream aka "Ginger", a Chestnut Leopard Appaloosa Mare for @Erika-Holmfirth

    I'm sorry for those of you still waiting on the main sites for theirs, I'm waiting for my new credits to arrive!

  • CSR Hickory's Daydream <3
    CSR Cruzin' For Chex <3

  • She's so perfect @Cole-Tieman <3 Thank you!!

  • they're all so beautiful ;_____; I'm so looking forward to mine

  • Breed Committee

    Can't wait to see mine, these are all so pretty! :heart:

  • Wish I had less than 10 Western horses :heart:

  • Can't wait to see mine, they are all beautiful :)

  • I will no longer be taking requests for this, however I will open paid imports with no requirements for participation. Thank you all that applied, I am so pleased with the amount of people interested in western! I'll continue working on the remaining requests, you'll see more soon :smile:

  • I can not wait to see my little treasure

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