Draft Breeds Guild [Open!]

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    The Draft Breeds Guild is here to promote the popularity of draft breeds on Equus and provide events catered to draft breeds, as well as give members who love draft breeds a place to work together.


    A draft breed is considered any of the following: American Cream Draft, Ardennes, Belgian Draft, Brabant, Black Forest Horse, Boulonnais, Breton, Clydesdale, Coldblooded Trotter (both Norwegian and Swedish), Dole, Drum Horse, Finnhorse, Gypsy Vanner, Irish Draught (Draft type), Italian Heavy Draft Horse, Jutland, Latvian Draft Horse, Nonius, Noriker, Normand Cob, North Swedish Draft, Percheron, Poitevin Horse, Polish Coldblood, Rhineland Heavy Draft, Schleswig Draft, Shire, Show Cob, Suffolk Punch, Sugarbush Draft, Tori (Universal type), Vladimir Heavy Draft, and Waler (Heavy).
    Other draft type breeds, including draft ponies, and draft crosses are also welcome.


    Previous Events

    Holiday Jamboree Photo Challenge


    Guild Head - Riz Artemidoros

    Lieutenant - Blake Bellanaris

    CC Coordinator -

    Event Coordinator -

    Event Judges


    Please feel free to use this badge to display your membership to the world!
    Draft Breeds Guild Badge

    Member Registry



    Member Application

    Studbook Application

  • Hello where can I sign up?I would like join

  • @Katharina-Opalhaven
    I'm still working on some sheets for members and such, they should be up by tomorrow. In the mean time, we have a channel on slack :) Thank you for your interest!

  • @Riz-Artemidoros Okay Thanks

  • I am also interested in joining, so I will wait impatiently for that form. <3

  • Oh Riz! This is amazing! And a wonderful idea!

  • I love this idea <3

  • Great news! The member registry and studbook are now available! Please refer to the first post for both and their corresponding forms!

  • The Draft Breeds Guild is proud to announce our first event, the Holiday Jamboree Photo Challenge!

  • Now that we have so many members and my life isnt falling apart (sorry!) I will be accepting inquiries into staff positions. If youre interested in one of the open positions on staff, please contact me so we can discuss it!

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