(OPEN) Nordic Horses Breeding BIY & Traditional

  • Rules:

    • If you use one of our stallions you can use your own Prefix
    • If you use a mare please use Nordi's as the prefix
    • Send the foal to registration whit-in 30 days after the breeding
    • If you do BIY we wont send or receive any files
    • If you do traditional we will need mare or stallion file
    • Dont copy the template or coat of the foal
    • I would like to see the foals competing

  • Stallions:
    EVEC Vanquish
    Dutch Warmblood
    Foal gets 18 bonus points in show jumping, 13 in eventing and 2 in dressage.
    BIY 18K
    Traditional 20K
    Main Site

    Winstone's Major General
    Foal gets 2 points in show jumping and 4 in eventing
    BIY 7K
    Traditional 9K
    Main Site

    Paper Lion HAS
    Foal gets 2 bonus points in dressage
    BIY 7K
    Traditional 8,500
    Main Site

    TLL Elusive
    Foal gets 1 bonus point in Show jumping
    BIY 5K
    Traditional 6,500
    Main Site

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  • OPEN!
    Stallions added and updated!

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