• Beautiful boy <3
    He really as such a cute face and his sooty coat is so beautiful <3

  • Aries being Aries.

  • i love your blog!!! aries is gorgeous!

  • @Siri-Kane thank you! ♥

  • Volcania haves a new best friend. This tiny 2 y.o TB cross that came to us as a rescue. Her name is Fausta, and even though she is a little handful, Volcania loves her to pieces. Volcania is the only living offspring of Cicatera and she is a KWPN cross. Her sire was our old KWPN stallion, Vintage. She is 12 y.o and in great shape!
    1_1557234406836_Screenshot-203.jpg 0_1557234406835_Screenshot-202.jpg

  • Long story short... I somehow ended up with duplicated horses, so I tried a thing... I made my girls stallions! Let me introduce to you the first one :)

    Here's what Selecta's template looks like as a stallion. I've modified her conformation to give him a more sporty stallion-ish look and I used my favourite grey coat from Carmen to give him a new background. Meet Galante, everyone!
    1_1557587639291_Screenshot-211.jpg 0_1557587639291_Screenshot-208.jpg

  • Kapricorn.
    He is Aries template reworked!
    1_1557705673768_Screenshot-219.jpg 0_1557705673767_Screenshot-218.jpg

  • He's handsome :)

  • @Samantha-Jadirea thanks! ♥

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