• Beautiful boy <3
    He really as such a cute face and his sooty coat is so beautiful <3

  • Aries being Aries.

  • i love your blog!!! aries is gorgeous!

  • @Siri-Kane thank you! ♥

  • Volcania haves a new best friend. This tiny 2 y.o TB cross that came to us as a rescue. Her name is Fausta, and even though she is a little handful, Volcania loves her to pieces. Volcania is the only living offspring of Cicatera and she is a KWPN cross. Her sire was our old KWPN stallion, Vintage. She is 12 y.o and in great shape!
    1_1557234406836_Screenshot-203.jpg 0_1557234406835_Screenshot-202.jpg

  • Long story short... I somehow ended up with duplicated horses, so I tried a thing... I made my girls stallions! Let me introduce to you the first one :)

    Here's what Selecta's template looks like as a stallion. I've modified her conformation to give him a more sporty stallion-ish look and I used my favourite grey coat from Carmen to give him a new background. Meet Galante, everyone!
    1_1557587639291_Screenshot-211.jpg 0_1557587639291_Screenshot-208.jpg

  • Kapricorn.
    He is Aries template reworked!
    1_1557705673768_Screenshot-219.jpg 0_1557705673767_Screenshot-218.jpg

  • He's handsome :)

  • @Samantha-Jadirea thanks! ♥

  • "Palabra"
    Friesian/andalusian mix. She's one of our new broodmares and soon to be surrogate for Selecta. She've been introduced to some dressage and jumping to keep her healthy and focused.

  • Two random horses that I made because I was bored...
    1_1558827572711_Screenshot-241.jpg 0_1558827572710_Screenshot-238.jpg

    And this is the way we are training Petra! all we need are Ladybug and a nice cordeo rope to get the young mare used to being followed by other horses and work together with another mares. They are doing amazing so far.

  • ... She's behind me. Isn't she?

    Our english-bred AQH mare Poet had her first foal. A filly by our araloosa stallion, Snicker. This little nugget is a nervous and active one! and our poor girl Poet is just dealing with her the best she can!

    And yeah, we have more new horses. RL stuff got me depressed af and I ended up adding a ton of horses. Old and new!
    1_1560796073012_Screenshot-270.jpg 0_1560796073010_Screenshot-269.jpg

  • gasp! she's GORGEOUS

  • 0_1561073572081_Screenshot-276.jpg

  • @Siri-Kane thanks! ♥

  • Those two random ones aaaaare stuuuunnniiing! Grabby hands!

  • Momma and baby are gorgeous <3 I also always create horses when I am feeling down😂

  • 2_1561558858655_Screenshot-297.jpg 1_1561558858654_Screenshot-296.jpg 0_1561558858652_Screenshot-295.jpg

    Our staff for this summer! (and maybe next year too!)

    @Lidija-Rotherford thank you! I have a ton of horses that I create for fun, take a few pictures and then go back to the bin until I need them lol
    @Claire-von-Hohenfeld I had a particularly rough week when I created Poet and some other horses. That's a good therapy but my sims must hate me rn because there's over 20 horses for 8 sims hahahaha

  • 5_1561727604757_Screenshot-309.jpg 4_1561727604757_Screenshot-308.jpg 3_1561727604757_Screenshot-307.jpg 2_1561727604756_Screenshot-306.jpg 1_1561727604756_Screenshot-305.jpg 0_1561727604754_Screenshot-304.jpg

    Andalusian stallion "Zapatito MOR"
    Still a WIP, but I'm really happy with his head!

  • Oh wow, he is a stunner.

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