Briar's pile of stuff - [14/12/2018 - Pose]

  • Welcome!
    I don't really know what i'll be uploading here, just whatever I feel like tinkering with really!

    ***Rules ***

    • don't re-upload any of my stuff
    • don't sell them for real money
    • give me credit where due
    • that is all I ask :smile:

    Requests - I am open to any requests that you may have pose wise, I will try my best but I can't make any promises!!

    If you have any worries, please feel free to message me here or post on this thread!


    Ellie :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • My first pose, and my first gift to you!

    A simple 'smile' pose, one for the sim (adult) and one for the horse. They are not poselisted, and the names of them are the names of the files :relaxed:

    This is the only trick my IRL horse knows, and he loves to show it off, and I wanted to express that into something with my sims, and hey, it didn't turn out all that bad :shrug:

    Download Here!

    Please enjoy it, and if you notice any problems, please DO let me know!

    Ellie :grin:
    0_1544832483933_Screenshot-418.jpg 0_1544832501832_Screenshot-417.jpg

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