[Winners!] Draft Breeds Guild Holiday Jamboree

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    Hello and welcome to the Draft Breeds Guild's first event, the Holiday Jamboree! Its time to show off those drafters in a wintery wonderland! Take pictures of your horses celebrating the holidays, be it Christmas, Hanukkah, Yule, or any other celebration for this time of year!


    I have received a pair of requests for extension! The challenge now ends on January 14th.


    • Being that the Draft Breeds Guild is hosting, only draft horses, draft crosses, and draft ponies will be accepted.
    • Members are limited to 3 entries, however these entries can have as many horses as you like!
    • There will only be one class for the sake of simplicity. Editing is not required, but you can do it if you want!
    • Also optional will be the choice to add a short story to your picture.
    • Judging will be based upon creativity and how well your entry matches the theme as listed above.
    • Post entries here, theres no real form! It's just a picture and optional story. You can list the horses in the picture if you want as well. The poster will be considered the Member submitting for themselves and their stable!
    • The challenge ends on December 31st, but can be extended if enough people request extra time.
    • Once closed, Blake and I will take some time to judge, so please be patient with us!


    Riz Artemidoros
    Blake Bellanaris


    Our 1st prize winner will be able to choose one of the following two options! (both supplied by Riz)

    1. A set of embroidered saddlepads and blanket
    2. A custom draft import from me

    As an added incentive, the runner up will receive the prize that the 1st prize winner doesnt pick!

    Have any questions? Feel free to message me here or on slack! (Riz)

  • 29605 RKO Lady Elsabeth
    Gypsy Vanner Mare
    Katharina Opalhaven
    It's a fall day and Elsabeth sniffed the cool air, she knew that a change was coming but did not know what the change would be. Elsabeth had a hard time controlling her excitement. She has only lived with her new owner for less than a year and there were new horses starting to show up in her new little herd. Elsabeth enjoyed spending time with all of her herd mates and the new human a Male that Katharina her owner introduced her to. He was a very nice human and Elsabeth enjoyed having him around. All in all Elsabeth was looking forward to the new year and maybe since the air she sniffed was getting colder that she will get to play in the white stuff the humans call snow.

  • Horse: VYS Giant George
    Breed: Belgian Draft
    Handler: Charlie Smith
    Feel free to click on the image to get a better view
    alt text

  • Horse: WRNGS Horace
    Member: Cristyne Westwood
    Getting ready for a winter morning drive
    alt text

  • PSSC Prada

    Clydesdale mare (ID25540)

    Can there be anything better than riding a horse when it has snowed?

    alt text

  • QMR Vanderlyle

    Breton stallion (ID17343)

    Some horses prefer to play with hats instead of wearing them...

    alt text

  • Our all time favourite holiday at our stable is Christmas :snowflake:

    alt text
    Our models are Djärv L - North Swedish Draft stallion and me.

  • dont look at the hair

    { }

  • alt text
    WRNGS Bran of Arlington

    alt text

    The surrender to temptation as the snow picks up and the sky grows darker. The quiet that follows as we are swallowed into oblivion of contemplation and understanding. And in that moment I realize that I'm once again whole.
    alt text

  • I hope it's not too late to enter?

    My entry is of my best boy(s) Em Crofters Realm welcoming in the New Year with a carefree roll in the first fresh, crisp snowfall of 2019. In the background you can see Em Barney Rubble trying to work out how he's going to get to some of that tasty grass without getting icicles on his velvet muzzle.

    alt text

    alt text

    Crofter is an Irish Draught (Draft) and Barney is a Maxi Show Cob

  • Nope, not too late!

    The contest is now closed! Please give Blake and I some time to judge and we will announce the winners!
    Thank you to everyone who entered!

  • Thank you!

    First of all, I would like to thank everyone for their entries! This was such a fun little challenge and we really enjoyed seeing everyone's beautiful drafters! We have come to a decision for our 1st place, 2nd place, and honorable mention entries!

    1st Place - Alexa la Coupe!

    We loved how creative this was! What a clever way to show off a horse, as a holiday decorated model! It's so festive and very in the spirit of the season. Congratulations!
    alt text

    2nd Place - Irene Duarte!

    This made us giggle! Very fitting for a silly drafter to decide to steal a santa hat! Just enough snow to make it look wintery, with the little accent of red, it really makes this Breton shine!
    alt text

    Honorable Mention - Therese Lind!

    What a cute picture, we loved the snow lightly resting on both horse and owner, and the bits of decoration in the background are lovely! The flashes of red are very eye catching, very cute!
    alt text

    Thank you again to everyone who entered! I will be contacting the second place winner with what their prize is after the first place winner decides.


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