Missing breed?

  • Hi!
    I just started a stable with Canadian horses (not Canadian sports horses). And now i think i will register all of them, and make them earn some points.

    But the breed is not on the list, there is only canadian sports horse, but the two horses are differend in building.
    And now im making a post, can i register my horses without being on the main site? I havent got accepted, even after about a week, but i think i enterd the right name, it should all be fine.

    • Hope to get some help about what breed i shall say my canadians is :)

  • I've never been able to register as Canadian horses. I think I championed for it back in 2.0 but since 2.5 has been up and running, there isn't a Canadian horse atm. I've just settled for sport horses, but I do love the draft-variant Canadian horse!

    I would be super into having an actual Canadian horse.

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  • @Octavia-Ryland Yes thank you! I completely forgot to mention there was a process!

  • wow, now i have an excuse to break out that template i started making....

  • Administrators

    We do actually have the Canadian Horse already (looks like they were accidentally sorted into the Draft section on the Master Breed List before just now, but they're already in the system all the same). There are currently no members of the breed registered, so I'm excited that you're interested in them! You do need a mainsite account to begin making, registering, and competing horses. I just accepted your mainsite profile, so you're welcome to begin your Canadian Horse stable! Welcome to Equus :D

  • Okay, i see what you mean. But im looking for the Canadian horse on the auto reg. xD I cant find it.

  • Yeah maybe that's why I thought they hadn't been allowed yet @Nikki-Calvaria

    I tend to check through the Auto-Reg and they're not there D:

  • Administrators

    Oh, I see what you mean, they were missing from the actual registration form itself. They've now been added, thank you :D

  • @Nikki-Calvaria No, thank YOU! I appreciate it :D

  • Thanks! Now i think i need to register some horses of mine xD

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