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    Introduction to Notifications and Following on Equus

    This forum is unique in the way that it offers members the option to receive notifications for new content posted to Equus in addition to being able to follow your fellow members.


    0_1483942499114_notifications 1.PNG

    There are three areas that you will see notifications.

    Going from left to right:

    • Unread forum posts - this area lists the threads that you have not read yet.
    • Member notifications - this area lists notifications from member actions such as new comments on posts you are following.
    • New chat messages - this is where all member PMs are located.

    Unread Forum Posts

    By default, upon registration, members are automatically set to "follow" every board on the forum, which means you will see a notification whenever a new forum post or commented is posted on the board you are following. However, you may customize which boards you would like to receive alerts on!

    On every forum board, you will see the following options:
    0_1483943162236_notifications 2.PNG

    If you no longer wish to receive notifications from that specific forum board, simply click on Watching and select Ignoring.

    Warning: If the forum has sub boards, selecting the Ignoring option will also ignore all sub boards included.
    For example: If you navigated to "Welcome to Equus" and set it to Ignoring, you will not receive notifications for the "Welcome to Equus" board or any of its sub boards.

    Note: It is highly recommend that you stay set to receive notifications for the Rules and News and Announcements boards so that you may keep up to date with the latest information on Equus.

    Don't feel like following an entire forum board? That's okay! You may also follow a simple forum post by following the same process listed above. Simply navigate to a forum you would like to follow, and ensure that it is set to Watching.

    Member Notifications and Following

    Another benefit to this forum is that you are able to follow individual members. In order to follow another member, navigate to their profile and select the green :heavy_plus_sign: button as shown below.

    0_1484007066885_following 1.PNG

    Once you have selected that button, it will turn into a small :heart: . You will now receive notifications when this member posts on the forum. No longer want to follow them? Click the :heart: one more time and it will turn back into a :heavy_plus_sign:.

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