The Manure Pile

  • I can't really make/use poses, and I'm still figuring out making markings, but I can sure make templates! I like to make templates for some of the lesser-used breeds in the Equus Community.

    Breed CAS In-Game Download
    Yonaguni Column 2 Cell 1 Column 2 Cell 1 Download
    Welara Column 2 Cell 2 Column 2 Cell 2 Download
    Trottingbred Column 2 Cell 3 Column 2 Cell 3 Download
    Mallorquin alt text alt text Download
    SA Vlamperd alt text alt text Download

  • I’m so excited to see a Yonaguni template!

  • Back again! I've been working on making my own worlds, and these are some of the stepping stones. They're minimally decorated and might not be set up how you like. CAW files are available on request for the next 2 months.


    alt text
    This world is bigger than it appears, and has another small area with two 64x64 lots to use for show lots if desired. It has the octagonal barn connected to two runs with sheds, intended to be used as a stud area. The large barn has two rotational pasture sets, but can be altered to be four non-rotational pastures. The small barn beside it was intended to be used as a foaling barn. The final barn in the back was intended as a yearling barn with two community stalls and runs. There's a large house in the front, and two arenas. Finally, there's a small round pen and meadow perfect for taking pictures.

    Silver Buckle

    This world is exactly what you see. It's based on a ranch near my house, there's 7 runs with sheds, a handful of paddocks, 3 barns, one outdoor arena, and a main house. The idea was for the large fenced area to the left to be used for cattle. You might need to add more lots, but there's also plenty of space if you decide to expand.

    alt text
    This is a fairly small world with one large barn with one rotational pasture, a handful of runs with sheds, a handful of paddocks, two outdoor arenas, a foaling barn, and a main house. There's a small round pen area. It's fairly likely that you'll need to add more lots for picture-taking purposes. There isn't much to say about it, this is about as basic as they come.

    I'd love critiques, although these are the older of the worlds I've worked on. Hope they're useful for someone, and I'd love to see photos if you do!

  • AMAZING!!! <3 Thank you so much for share this worlds!!

  • they are amazing but why i can't download them?

  • @Alina-Shavrina
    Thanks for mentioning it, the issue should be fixed now.

  • @Roxie-Rowan Thanks ^_^

  • WOW these are wonderful Roxie!! Thank you very much for sharing :D

  • Thank you all very much!

  • wow this all looks amazing, thankyou for sharing with us

  • you know you're doing a great job ;) will there be other world ?

  • @Ian-Salvatore There definitely will be, I really enjoy making them.

  • what BEAUTIFUL worlds!

  • I hope for another beautiful world :) <3

  • I LOVE these worlds can't wait to try them! :heart_eyes:

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