[Wanted] Show Hunters (mares, stallions, or gelding straws) to breed with my guys!

  • Hey everyone!

    I'm keen to expand my Show Hunter pride. I'm looking for some Show Hunters, preferably with one title, to help me out a little. I could make foundations, but I'd much rather have some competing bloodlines :)

  • I have a bunch for your consideration:

    MBS Daisy May | British Warmblood | Chestnut | 191 points | Bonus +4
    fixstern Debeladora | Spanish Sport Horse CDE | Chestnut | 44 points | Bonus +5 (also a bonus in dressage)
    fixstern Golden Girl II | Spanish Sport Horse CDE | Palomino | 54 points (also 47 in dressage) | Bonus +6 (also +6 in dressage)

  • EA Beelzebub = Thoroughbred / Grey (Ee / Aa / Gg) / Bonus +3 / 3k BIY

  • Competition Committee

    COUR Messick | KWPN | Dappled Bay Tobiano ( EE/Aa/nT/nSty) | 45 points (+1 Bonus) in Show Hunters & 24 points in Equitation. | 2k BIY

    He will compete until he has full bonuses.

  • I know my guys can't really do an outcross with whichever breeds you have but I do have Austrian Warmbloods and can breed them between my own guys as I have eligible mares.

    Just lmk if you're interested I have no hard feelings if you don't want em.

  • KPE Liebling KWPN //2k
    Blackstone's Nikorra Paint Horse // 4k
    EVEC Nebel KWPN // 2k

    All have one title currently, will keep competing until they reach 100 or 200 pts depending. All have secondary disciplines as well and offer bonuses for those as well. EVEC Nebel is priced high as he offers a higher bonus(7pt bonus) from his sire.

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