[wanted] tb hunters to parent my mare!

  • My secret santa got me this lovely black TB mare. I've decided to throw her in show hunters, so I would love to see if there's anyone who would be willing to let me pay to use horses of theirs as her parents. Must be able to throw a black coat. Let me know what you have, points, and prices please!

  • I have the following two mares that could work for you, depending upon the stallion you choose.

    Not Another Diva SHS (WPE Just Another Romeo x Scarlet Starlet SHS) - 425pts in Show Hunting - BIY fee $42,500
    Cosmopolitan SHS (Ambassador SHS x Contemporary SHS) - 167pts in Show Hunting - BIY fee $16,700

    • alt text

    EA Beelzebub / TB stallion / Grey (bay) / EeAaGg / Bonus +3 / with a bay mare he can produce black / $ 3000 BIY

  • life got hectic and I sorta forgot about this. still looking to see if there's a few more options, otherwise will be contacting people soon <3

  • I only have a few TB show hunters, but you're welcome to any of them. :smiley: None of them offer additional pedigree bonuses, but all are still actively competing so they will all give +5 eventually.

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